My 2001 Tb Bullitt 4051 Update

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  1. well its been over a year since my Bullitt last ran, blew a plug with a piece of the head. I dropped my B off a few weeks ago at GTR. Along with a 2003 Termi short block, that was rebuilt. I also got the Trick Flow top end kit with 44cc heads along with the TF cam, along with the valve covers. Also a full JBA exhaust LT, H-Pipe and CB with 3 inch tips. GTR also installed a macleoud dual disk clutch with the steel billet flywheel, 300lpr walbro, 60# Trick Flow injectors, accufab tb. All that we are waiting for is the vortech V2 blower along with a A2A intercooler. 500HP on pump gas is the goal. tb1.jpg tb2.jpg
  2. Awesome! You'll make 500 EASY
  3. Nice set up. Should be a real killer.
  4. latest update the vortech has been installed just waiting on all the A2A intercooling pipes.[​IMG]
  5. A2A Intercooler mounted