My 2005 Mustang Images Collection - Some Good Wallpapers!!!

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by torqueIT, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. This is my first post.

    I quickly got hooked on the new 2005 Mustang, thanks to its retro-styling.

    Thought I'd start off with a BANG! I've been avidly collecting all images (of good quality) that I could find of the new 2005 Mustang.

    My collection can be located here...

    It's around 50 images, but some have dimensions exceeding 3000 pixels in width. You can adjust according to your own computer screens :nice:

    There are some of the concept vehicle, the new production V-6 and GT V-8!

  2. It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that folks are no longer allowed to post their websites on the forums if they are in any way advertising a product that is not first approved the Pro3i. If you would like to post the pictures, you will have to host them off of your site and post them individually here. Otherwise you will have to contact the owners of the site and request (pay) to advertise your site here.

    Sorry, dem's the rules. :shrug:
  3. tyler, he didn't have any advertisements on his site that he linked to. Can that still be considered spamming?
  4. It is the link on the site that directs people to a service or product.

    I will let it go and ask the owners if it will fly. If not, than I will have to delete the thread. Sorry folks.

  5. I was just wondering... I'm not complaining or anything. Hes got a donation button but who will seriously donate. he is giving up his bandwidth to show the pics but they are already the old ones we have seen since the car debuted.
  6. This is the statement I am concerned about...

    I already got in trouble for this once, that is where this statement came from.

  7. well, this guy does appear to be spamming anyway since hes posted for the first time today just to post a thread about pics on his site. He probably doesn't intend to come back so that could be considered spam. I'm cool with whatever you do tyler. I was just wondering about specifics of whats considered spam.

    anyway, tyler. I know you have edited a few of my posts and I have no hard feelings about it because I understand they might have been a little out of hand. You run a tight shift here and I commend you on a good job. :nice:

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    WHOOPS! MY BAD!!! Guess I should've read the 'rules' a bit more carefully. My apologies if this is a NO-NO :nonono:

    I've been on other auto forums before, and this is a first. My intention was not to advertise my site, it just happens to be server space I have available online. The images were ridiculously huge, figured you'd get mad if I bogged down your server with large files :mad:

    If you wish to remove this thread, then by all means do so. :hail2:
    I'm not wanting to piss anyone off, I just wanted others to bathe in the glory of the new Mustang, as I have :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:

    Please remove this thread at your earliest convienience. My site is not a commercial site by the way. I in no way make any money off of it. In the last year, my 'donations' totaled $3.14! Which I did by the way give to 'The American Forest Foundation: CFC Number—2386' charity I sponsor through my website! :flag:
  9. No worries here. Not advertising, then no problem.
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    Thanks Tyler! :nice: