My 2010 Mach chop

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  1. Just something I threw together showing what a 2010 Mach 1 could look like. I've got some more ideas in mind, just have to find the time to pull out my tablet. It's not perfect, but I will refine it when I get a chance.


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  2. OEM matte-black rear window louvers: mandatory. :)
  3. i'd rock that :nice:
  4. not kinda looks like it's ready for some trails though. it needs to sit a little lower
  5. very nice!!! I think the real one (if it happens) would be very very similar to that.
  6. Definitely

    Yeah, I've got some revisions to make, along with the chin spoiler lines. I just threw that together. I spent most of the time deleting the fog lights.
  7. Updated. Lowered, fixed the scoop angle, to better line up with the bulge in the hood, changed the grill emblem, and fixed the lines on the chin spoiler.


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  8. Do I spy an intercooler? :p
  9. Nope, just radiator. Some other versions I'm planning on may have some surprises, though. ;)
  10. Looks good man, but I hope its not another Mach 1. Id rather it be a Boss.
  11. I'm hoping for a Boss, too. That's my next chop.
  12. Do it in grabber blue!
  13. Looks great. If they build it, we will come!!!!!! Anyone have any inside news from Ford on the 5.0L engine for 2011???
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing a 70 boss 302 style.....calypso coral of course.....
  15. Looks great.:nice:
  16. With the new hood design what do you think about bringing the stripe all the way to the end of the hood instead of curving around. Like the '69 models.
  17. defiantly looks better lowered. nice job great looking car
  18. i'd like to see a wider and slightly taller hood scoop. maybe remove the "power dome" part of the hood.

  19. The "power dome" reminds me of the 03-04 mach 1 hood, in a good way. :nice:
  20. Needs the driving lights in the grille like the 69. I would also like to see the front lip lower.