My 2013 With And Without 2010 Scoop.. Thoughts?

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To scoop, or not to scoop.. that is the question

  1. Yes, I like the scoop

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  2. What is this? A Raisin Bran commercial? Lose the scoop

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  3. It's your car, what do I care?

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  4. Windows taste like purple.

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  1. ok, so I was wondering if the 2010 - 2012 scoops would fit the 2013s since the hoods are different.. No one knew, so I decided like the spoiler, to try it.. It fits!

    Ok, so now should I bolt it down?
    **Note: gasket is keeping it raised off the hood a hair in the crappy cell phone pics..


    No scoop



    or scoop?




  2. I'm not a fan of that scoop. but it's your car if you like it then do it. The rims look great though !
  3. The hood looks....different....without the louvers but I really don't like the scoop. It just looks like you "stuck" it on there. Maybe if it were body-colored...with a bright orange or red screen in front, THAT would look cool!

    What are the details of the '74 Roadrunner in the background?
  4. That is my 74, was a 400 - 4-speed car that was dark brown with tan interior... now it has a fuel injected, aluminum head 383, 4-speed, pistol grip, 3.91's in an 8-3/4 rear.



  5. not to blow of the questions on your mustang in this thread but that's one nice roadrunner you got
  6. Thanks :)

    I liked the scoop on the Roush... that's what made me try it, but now I am not sure... I could go either way

  7. Stick on hood scoops on a Mustang are American rice. I lump that into the category with other stick on scoops around the car, fake brake covers, and ridiculously large spoilers.
  8. Just not a fan of fake scoops!! once I get the funds im making my hood functional!!
  9. since the '13 hoods don't have the cowl bump in them from factory, i kinda like the scoop. as long as you mount it correctly and color match it i think it will look good. of course this is just my opinion...
  10. Agreed.

    As for the scoop, I think it's a bit derpy, and the fact that it isn't functional seals the deal for me.
  11. Then when it is functional,it will look so much better!:doh:
  12. Mine came with the fake scoop, and I hate it. It's non-functional and it irritates me. Going to replace it with a vented hood once I am done sorting out the chassis and suspension :)
  13. I don't think they did a very good job with the scoops. That gap all along the bottom on both sides made me sure I didn't want one. It's one thing to know it isn't functional, another to look like it's stuck on with double sided tape (and a couple screws). If you're not sure about it, sell it and use the money for something you are sure about. Did the same thing with quarter window louvers. Bought aftermarkets, just didn't do it for me, sold them and bought factory louvers. Glad I did!
  14. I voted for "It's your car,do what you want" . Doen't look too bad to me.

    People need to learn how to read. The OP said the scoop was temporary. That explains why it is not body color AND has a 1/2 inch gap at the bottom.
  15. I would definitely say not unless it's functional. That stang looks amazing without it, but again, your car, your mods :)
  16. Dead thread revival!!! What did you end up doing???
  17. Not a fan of that scoop. Get a Shaker