1. I got a call from the machine shop letting me know my short block is ready. I had him recheck everything even though it was a new block and fit KB pistons for to avoid p/v clearance issues. I hope to keep track of the assembly and will post pics along the way. First ones will be when I pick up the block.

    Any tips or advice along the way is always appreciated.

  2. more details on your motor?
  3. It's a new, but 10 years old, ford short block. I'm building it for my wife's car because the current motor is getting very tired. I have edelbrock heads, comp 272 cam and typhoon intake. Along with a mess of other parts. I'll post more details as the motor gets assembled I'm sure things will change along the way.

    Here is her car.
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  4. I stopped and picked up my block from my machine shop and it looks, well it looks like it did when I dropped it off except it now has KB flat tops pistons.even though it was a new, never ran short block to start with Everything has been rechecked, cleaned and balanced. I can't wait to start putting it back together.

    ehasa8ab.jpg namu8aqe.jpg ateru8ud.jpg huqymuse.jpg
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  5. nice, MORE pics please!
  6. Had a few minutes after work so I stuck the cam (comp cam 270) in. Had my middle child help by putting the locating pins in for the heads.

    6uteredy.jpg upese4a6.jpg y3e8y4y9.jpg a8e9emeb.jpg
  7. Got the heads together. Edelbrock E street heads that were gasket matched, ported and polished. I also put a new set of springs in them from Ed at flowtech.

    I hope to have the cam set up this weekend. Might even bolt the heads down.

    udy5uvev.jpg te6y4umy.jpg
  8. Thank god. The Estreet heads have junk valve springs from what I've heard.
  9. That is also what I heard but even with the new springs I have less than 900 into them. It's going to be a summer driver for the wife other wise I would have a set of AFR heads and a stroker kit.
    I got one bolted on after work tonight.

    vemanehe.jpg 9uhyzubu.jpg
  10. How'd ya get em so cheap?
    I think I paid right at a grand for mine from Summit.
  11. They were on clearance for 749.00 (I believe they were 150 off) and the spring kit was 130.00 they guy who did my block did the heads at the same time but only charged me for the block.
  12. Nice. Are they 2.02/1.60's or the 1.9 valved ones?
  13. The 1.9 ones, it's been a little bit of a project so far. I was planing to just buy a short block and slap a decent set of heads on it for her but nothing is ever that simple. With the cam it didn't give me the valve Clearance it needed so my brand new short block had to be torn down to install new KB flat top pistons. Now everything is looking better and I checked the clearance before bolting down the head and its not an issue at all now.
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  14. Why go so far as to put new pistons in it? Didn't want to have the current pistons fly cut?
  15. Kind of, some was just to upgrade, a little that i got a good deal on the pistons and rings and some was hoping for better performance. Flat tops vs stock bump compression a little maybe gain a couple hp and some torque.
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  16. Well had time to work on the motor a little. I got the heads on, the lifters in with the dog bones and spider. I slid the push rods in and finger tightened the rocker arms. I used arp head bolts and cam/crank bolts.

    utepemy7.jpg ese2yveq.jpg ehu6a3us.jpg epy5adap.jpg bedumuqa.jpg
  17. im liking this build.
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  18. I know the heads are on, but did you chase and blow out all the bolt holes? You'd be surprised what gunk is in there. Nice score on the E heads. I learned the hard way when they first came out how crappy their springs were. Make sure you plug the any thermactors holes with plugs and put loctite on them.
  19. The block was new when i got it but Yes all the bolt holes were cleaned and chased out he even deburred and cleaned all the oil passages even though no oil had ever been run thought the block. I'm not sure what you mean by " any thermactors holes" I'm guessing spell check replaced what you meant to say. I don't see any holes that need plugged so far.