1. Put the timing cover on before you put the oil pan on. Makes it a lot easier.

  2. Keep in mind, those gasket kits are for a lot of different engines. It's going to come with gaskets that don't go to your particular engine. The first two I have no idea. The last one is the O-ring that goes around the distributor.

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  3. The first was the gasket for the egr tube to back of the head, don't need due to heads. Second was the gasket for the oil plug.

    I dropped the trans off at the trans shop yesterday but have not yet decided what to have done to it. My guy is going to open it up then give me a call but anyone have any recomendations? I'm planing to order a b&m 2400 stall converter but beyond that I have not given it any thought or reserch. It's a daily driver and will be used mostly by the wife. Probably spinning tires taking off and a donut once in a while. Don't think it will be raced out side of one grudge match with a co-worker at milan.

  4. If you put a stall converter in it she won't spin the tires because the power won't hit hard until a certain RPM. You'd spin more with the stock converter. A 2400 is fine for a DD. I had an Art Carr tranny in my 90LX with 2800rpm stall and it drove well as a DD. When you mashed the throttle it banged the gears pretty hard which was awesome and consistent.
  5. Played around a little this weekend. Got the motor mostly assembled. Ran in to a little trouble with the balencer, seems the timing marks are 4* off. The motor was balanced with this one so I'll have to fix it with some timing tape. Other wise I'm pretty close to setting it back in the car. Hope the trans guy calls early this week with good news. Also decided on a 2800 rpm stall, if she wants to do a burn out she can just mash the gas...lol

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  6. Looks good! One question... is it me or am I seeing double?? ;)
  7. nice work!
  8. Still waiting for the trans guy to get my trans built. He did call today with an update and of course it needs a complete rebuild as the clutches were burnt and reverse was scorched, guessing the PO like his reverse slams. Any how it's getting rebuilt and upgrading the OD band and the 3-4 servo. Decided to hold off on the trans go shift kit till a later date if we decide to do it. It won't be raced so it's probably not needed.

    Since I didn't have parts I needed I have been cleaning up the engine bay. Removed all the vac lines for the egr/smog stuff. I also pulled as much stuff away as I could to clean/wash then scrub with a red scotch pad and paint. I'll get a couple pics up soon. I decided to go with black because I'm not sure what color the car will end up being. My vote is on ruby red metallic...
  9. Well loosing on the paint color the wife wants black pearl. What can I do.

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  10. Your wife has good taste. You will likely thank her when you see it.
  11. That is an IAC adjuster- it is to help with idle and also with the whistle that comes from some aftermarket TB. Keep it on.

  12. Put the shift kit in... trust me... You will kick yourself if you don't. It's only $50 and you are spending all this money. It's not only for better shifts, but a shift kit actually is better for your trans. Also, you need to upgrade the OD drum for the 2" HD OD band. You should also replace the B servo with an A servo. You should also definitely get a trans cooler- plate style. If you are spending the money for a rebuilt trans, do it right the first time and your trans will last a lot longer.
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  13. The trans guy said it was a newer aod and it had been rebuild before so some things had already been updated and didn't need to be. The decision to hold off on the shift kit was at his advice to. He said if later I want it he will put it in for just the cost of the kit but if he does it and I don't like how hard it shifts it's not as simple to take it out. I know nothing about transmissions so I have to trust what he is telling me. He is a very honest and reputable guy.
  14. First new piece got bolted on today. I had to modify the bracket a little to get all 4 bolt hole to line up but that only took 5 minuets. I even pulled the old red seats out and put the black ones in just to get them out of the garage.

  15. Got my trans back today. Could not resist bolting to the motor. If all goes well I should have it back in the car this weekend.

    Anyone running toyo proxy r888 tires? What do you think. I like them for the rear in 255 50r16.

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  16. Awesome build thread, your wife is a lucky women !
  17. Turns out the engine looks a lot better in the car than it did in my garage. I'm off for the next four days maybe I'll find time to get everything hooked up and see if it will fire...

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  18. It's alive. Started pretty easy need to set timming and adjust a couple things but it runs. I'll try to post a video.
  19. You'll probably want to get rid of that thing. That's an IAB relief spacer. They're reserved for guys with big camshafts who have stalling idle issues.

    With your set up, you shouldn't need it. Leaving it in there will likely give you high and hanging idle problems.
  20. It's back in the garage and moves under its own power. However it runs like poo in gear and has no power. No missing or poping it just has no power. Not sure what the problem is yet hope it is something simple. Seems like a bad vac leak to me but if it is its internal and that would Suck to diagnose.