1. It's always worth it after you get it fixed abd that car is burbling down the street.
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  2. did I miss it? Do you have an adjustable pressure regulator where you can set your fp to the stock setting of 39 psi?
  3. I do not, everything I read leads me to believe with my setup stock pressure should be fine. so I did not upgrade that. I ordered an new fuel pump that flows 190lph and a fuel pressure gage to mount on the rail. I hope to have that all installed this weekend. I really hope that's the problem.
  4. Yes, stock fuel pressure is 39 psi with vacuum disconnected. Check it after you swap in your new parts
  5. Summit is on it the new pump came today. The fuel pressure gauge kit I got from jegs will be here tomorrow. I Already have the new pump in the tank so after cleaning under the car tomorrow I should have it back in.
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  6. I checked mine today for shiggles and had a hair under 40psi with 255lph fuel pump and a stock pressure regulator with 24lb injectors.
  7. Getting ready to put the tank back in the car and look what came.

    Also swung by NPD on my way home and picked up a new overflow bottle. agebedeq.jpg

    It's nice NPD is close to where I work.
  8. Looks good
    azu9e8ut.jpg qyvatydy.jpg

    Also the fuel pump did not fix the problem. I think I'm throwing in th towel. I have a shop I use from time to time going to take it there and see what he thinks.
  9. wait. is that a.....................schrader valve mounted fuel pressure gauge? :jaw:

  10. It is but you remove the Shrader valve and screw in the adaptor for the gauge. Works great and looks nice.
  11. And they also are a kown fire hazard
  12. It's insured...:)

    In all seriousness is it really a know problem? Seems like it would be as safe as the Shrader valve and the plastic cap that was on there.
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  13. No no no, please remove it after tuning and adjusting. See my other thread....

  14. Until your cars ultimate demise. Please rethink the permanent gauge. Feel free to message me if you would like to talk
  15. Since my car burned down I hang out and watch with a fire extinguisher every time I do injector or fuel rail work.
  16. That sucks dude.
  17. Live and learn man. Seriously. Keep an extinguisher.
  18. Does anyone have a short video of a blinking noid light on a properly working 5.0?

    On my car it is a dim blinking/pulsing but when I hooked it to the wife's van it was very bright and flashed on of completely. The mustang seems to never go completely out its really like a dim pulsing ,about 50% of what the van did. Just trying to figure this out. Had a mechanic friend over yesterday and rechecked everything I checked and now he is confused. Thanks.
  19. I really don't want to be offensive to Madspeed since he had such a traumatic event. I can certainly sympathize since I lost two Mustangs to fire. Having a gauge on your fuel rail is not a fire hazard so long as it's a good quality gauge. This is not one of the areas you want to look for the Chinese special on.

  20. Kurt, man you really dislike the Chinese!! Lol. I agree with you on the cheap crap parts. (Umm also how did your 2 previous cars burn?).