1. I loathe Chinese stuff. I actually have a facebook group called "I Hate Chinese Junk," where whenever I find something not made in China I post it. I can't tell you how much trouble the Chinese market has made for working on anything. I can't find anything made in China with any redeeming qualities.

    The first Mustang I had for 4 weeks and just happened to be in the garage when my brother lit the garage on fire. The second one had an underdash fire. Not sure exactly what happened, but it was around the blower fan area. Some stock part just decided to light up. It was an electrical fire, and the small fire extinguisher I had at the time didn't put it out. Just bad luck.

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  2. Kurt, don't ever walk into Walmart. Your head will explode. I bet you can't find one American made item in the whole damn store.
  3. There are several in Walmart. Found a few sweat shorts there. There is a Pyrex set made in America in cookware. You'd be surprised.

  4. Notice the "made in China" just under the part # lower left corner.
  5. Well got the motor running better found 2 injectors that were not spraying. Took sometime to figure out how to test them but was able to once I had the pressure gauge installed. Now I think the torque converter is not working right. From a dead stop I punch it and it only jumps to about 1700-1800rpm. The cam don't make power till about 2500-3000 so it's a dog off the line. The converter was supposed to be a 2800 stall. This sound right?
  6. Opps
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  7. Your converter wont flash to 2800 just because you stab the throttle. Converter stall is dependent on alot of thngs,..and engine size, cam, gear and traction are all variables that will affect that..
  8. Usually a high stall converter requires gears to see the most benefit
  9. Yeah had it at the trans shop today he agreed the stall convertor is stalling way to low right around 1800. During his test ride the spedo stoped working at 40mph its just stuck at 40? Guess i need a new cluster now to. We ordered a 3200 b&m and a set of 373 gears that he will put in in 2 weeks. He wants me to put a couple hundred miles on the new motor just to get it broken in. It runs great above 3000 rpm. I finally got it running pretty good had to replace 2 of the new injectors but whatever. I think it still needs a tune anyone use the bama tune chip? I spoke with them today and seems like they know what they are doing. He even said they can turn off the egr function so my mil light will go out.
  10. So got it back yesterday from my trans guy. He swapped out converters and man what a difference. It's now stalling about 2400-2500 for a 2800 converter but at least it's getting me into my power range a little. It's got a pretty bad dead spot between 2200 and 2800 on the power. I ordered a chip from AM so I'll see what that does with the bama tune. Hope that cleans up the low end tourqe and running rich issue.
  11. Got the sct 4 bank eliminator chip installed with the bama tunes and it made a big difference in mid range power but now it idles to high and still has little bottom end and smells like gas. So I made an appointment with [email protected] for august. Hope a proper dyno tune will get the car running right finaly.
  12. Got the car all loaded up and ready for the trip to alternitive auto tomorrow to see lidio for the tune.
    And I did not strap it down by the wheels just wraped the extra around them.
  13. 7f2c69ab8a1967785a7f58c548c870a9.jpg

    305rwhp and 321ft tourqe peaked at about 4100rpms
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  14. Nice numbers1
  15. Second pull was identical gained 1 hp and and .35tq
  16. Glad to see it all working out so well for you! Great numbers on the dyno