Progress Thread My 351 build plans put into action

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  1. Alright everybody, the time has come for me to stop with the hypothetical 351 build and start actually working on it. I picked up a nice 85 lx hatch roller from the valley. Its clean, only a few miniscule rust spots and a cracked fender. Interior is in excellent shape for how old it is. I will post pics when I get off work tonight. I don't really have a specific goal in mind for WHP numbers or anything, just want it to be a beast :)
    My plan of attack is as follows:
    1: Chassis stiffening (subframes, roll cage, etc)
    2: Paint (satin black)
    3: 8.8 rear end swap
    4: Rear discs conversion
    5: Gather the parts to build a 408 efi monster
  2. Okay, I finally got a chance top upload the pics so here they are
    Mustang interior.jpg Taking her home.jpg Mustang.jpg Mustang rear.jpg
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  3. Good lookin' car! I love 4-eyes. Isn't it a GT, or did the previous owner add the GT front bumper and rear quarter moldings?
  4. I'm thinking that's what happened, the title and VIN say its a LX. Its cool though because all the hatch four eyes I see are GTs I don't think I've seen an LX hatch four eye before this one
  5. So i trekked outside today in the beautiful spring weather in south Texas (sarcasm, it was over 100 degrees) and decided to start pulling the interior out to make it easier to weld in the roll cage soon. This is what i started with, the fabric on the seats is great, but the drivers seat doesn't lock into position. Still not decided if i want new seats or keep the stock Interior.jpg After about 45 minutes of unbolting and unscrewing and a few ziploc baggies I'm left with this
    Pulled Carpet.jpg It's all kinds of gross under that carpet, but no rust to worry about. I couldn't get it all the way out though because i couldn't find my Torx set anywhere.
    Engine Bay.jpg This is the engine bay I'm starting with, I'm eventually going to pull out all the A/C components and steering rack. It was getting waaaaay too hot to be under the sun for me so i called it a day and went to Autozone to pick up some new toys
    New Toys.jpg Excuse the mess and the Simpsons pajamas, I'd like to say they're not mine......but they are. Never owned an engine stand before and for some reason I sold my jack and stands a while back :bang:. One day there will be an engine on that day
  6. Lots of potential there! :nice:
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  7. Thanks Sharad, I have a surprise for everybody in the next week or two :)
  8. Looking forward to it!!
  9. Got my MM roll cage in today thanks to LMR. No other updates, but My surprise is coming around the corner :jester: Roll Cage.jpg
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  10. My surprise is here :) finally. For those that care I will post the pictures up when I get home tonight. Any guesses?
  11. Engine.
  12. Not quite yet. Its big and 351 related though. Will also eventually have a surprise about the engine as well
  13. Just post pics already! Lol.
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  14. Tease.

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  15. Sorry guys, been busy doing an interview with another machine shop and taking a drug test to get a job there. I promise I will post pics tonight
  16. Okay guys, as promised, here is my surprise
    ResizedImage951368658524296_zpsca42a2ca.jpg ResizedImage951368658515889_zps94971537.jpg ResizedImage951368658489658_zps500b997b.jpg
    ResizedImage_1368658504184_zpsbbd91f44.jpg Like all good Chebbys do, my dads truck died and I was left with nothing to haul around parts with So I picked up this beauty for only $1200. It even came with a performer intake manifold and new Holley carb that I will be installing Sunday so I can get it running in tip top shape, it was running good enough to make the 40 mile drive home though. Its powered by a 351, the guy told me it is a mexican block, but not 100% sure yet. Has a mild cam and when it does decide it wants to idle it sounds mean, straight pipes will do that :) so for $1200 I got a 1972 F100, intake manifold, carb, and a set of 4 brand new tires. Not too shabby. What do you guys think?
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  17. Oh and while I'm here on the computer, here is me having fun at the track in my DD Screenshot952013-05-18-00-15-40951_zps571954c4.jpg
  18. well, that truck was a steal. Hows the car coming along? i see this thread is pretty old.