My 351 build with pics

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  1. Well this will be a slow build but hoping to have it in and running by the end of the year?! But since i'll have it out i want to redo my engine bay (already sanded and filled holes and hid the wires) but i want it better plus i'm changing car colors. Heres what i have a 74 351W that is 40 over,it's a fresh rebuild pulled the bearings and they look awsome cylinder walls are great as well. I bought this complete carb to pan without hearing it run for $300 was kinda leary but after tearing into it and seeing what i see i'm sure it's good! I found one thing that kinda puzzles me and thats where the cam bolt is theres this funny looking spacer? you'll see in the pics below. My plans are for AFR 185 heads trick flow R intake and i will let crane deside on the cam but for now i'm going to have to settle for my GT40P heads that are ported with 1.6 cobra rockers. Like i said it will be a slow build and will update as i do stuff! So for the first pices i got my ford racing rear pick up with screw in dip stick oil pan conversion,ford racing 1 piece oil pan gasket,milodon alumn high volume water pump.

    This is the night i brought it home

    After teardown and paint today





    Here is the weird spacer thing on the cam?


  2. yea it was on mine too. im not gonna put it back.
  3. is yours rebuilt also? could you see where it was ridding on the timming cover? got any pics of your's or what mods your going to have? peace

  4. all my HO motors have had that too,... really don't know myself but I think I forgot to put it back on my other motor and it never had a problem.
  5. that "wieird spacer thing" on the cam is a cam balancer. you NEED that. trust me, i forgot to put it back on my car and it ran like crap. no lie, i stepped on it and wouldnt go any faster than 20 mph. I had to take off everything again and put it back on, and ran normal. dont go through the same trouble i did.
  6. hummmmmmmmmm i beleive you and all but are all motors like this or just rebuilt ones? peace

  7. all like that. my 5.0 is like that, and my brothers 71 stang has the same.
  8. god your stupid. lol its the fuel pump eccentric, unless you run a mechanical pump you dont need it...
  9. hmmm my explorer motor didnt have one of those
  10. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    that would be why my xploder didnt have one
  11. You guys really didnt know that was for a mechanical fuel pump? I hope you are joking. Im quessing the motor is a 80s 4x4 truck motor by looking at the pan.
  12. then why did my car have it? and run like crap when it was off? and then run normal when it was installed again???

  13. If your car had the stock motor in it it should of had one. Maybe some one put a older 302 in your car. and it shouldnt change the way it runs.
  14. :bang: Please...stop...posting...
  15. You are a complete tool. STOP posting on forums suggesting this crap.
  16. :rlaugh:

    Cam balancer...CLASSIC.

    Maybe check the blinker fluid too...

  17. that was hands down the funniest **** ive heard in a while.
  18. Cam balancer delete FTMFW...

    Also we have a 393 AFR185'd car, runs strong. Get that motor together and it should feel and run great!
  19. Maybe there was another problem, like say some kind of gasket leak, and by tearing it back down you fixed whatever the problem was............

    No thats unpossible........


    I work on cars for a living, leaving that off of your engine did not cause your problem.