My 351 build with pics

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  1. I had the same problem on my coupe after putting new aluminum heads on it, its probably an air lock somewhere, just take the radiator cap off while its running and this should get rid of it!
  2. Looks like a really clean install. I love the black TFS intake, looks sick.
  3. yep i went out fixed the lines topped the coolant and drove it a few (literaly only a few) miles and came home cause the rain started. but yes no leaks and alot less heat now so everything looks great! oh yeah i made another ram air/CAI take alook it's pimp! :banana: peace


  4. haha, snorkel air intake FTW... that would be fun in a rainstorm :rlaugh:
  5. put some super swampers on it and go mud boggin!!!!
  6. been driving the car as much as i can,but tough when all i get is raniny days:mad: but i have about 300 miles on it and alls good! at first it was a dog from hell went to my buddies house put a light on it and was at 10- (i think?) so we set it to 10+ and what a wake up it did! I would say i'm at about 325-350ish at the wheels? In 3rd gear rollin on the throttle it breaks loose and goes sideways so it's way over my 302 that made 301HP/338TQ at the wheels and it wouldnt do that.I have a "start up" tune on it now and the guy that did the tune will be doing my final tune. That should be done the week of the 19th of april gonna trailer it up to seattle.All i did was give him my specs and he burnt the tune that i have now and sent me the chip back!peace

  7. well it's scheduled! my dyno day/time is april 18th 11:00AM! i'll post videos and some pics after i get back as well as the numbers! come on 400! peace

  8. Wow i'm getting a late start to this thread...but instead of flaming i'll just add that yes that is a fuel pump eccentric, period, dot, the end. Has nothing to do with balancing a cam whatsoever. I have the eccentric from my stock '85 302 on a 347 with an aftermarket cam right has nothing to do with cam balance. If you look there are 2 "cups". The two act together as a bearing when oil gets between them. The reason it's offset is because it spins around and pushes down on the fuel pump arm and that's how you get the mechanical pumping action...just like a tiny floor jack inside your engine.

    Really though, some of you guys are kinda should teach, not flame.
  9. Well i built a new CAI wednesday for the dyno tomorrow. Tell me what ya think?

    It was gonna be like this but the pipe was to dam big to make the bend down below
    04150910581.jpg peace

  10. looks great!!!

    quick question for you , would a 351 clear a heat extractor hood? it has 1.5 inches more clearance?

  11. i used vert mounts on mine with a eddy performer rpm and if i had one more inch i would have made it with a stock hood. if you can get the height measurements from the TF and the rpm intake you shoud be able to do the math and find out. just a thought.
  12. So tomorrows the big day huh? Keep us updated on how she does! Im hittin the dyno the 27th and Im nervous/excited as well!
  13. you bet! getting ready now to load it on the trailer soon as a buddy gets here dyno at 11 .S&B i'm not sure? I know with my set up the TPS was hitting on my stock hood and also that BIG ASS CAI i made was also.peace

  14. Well i guess as long as it looks good huh? **** this! 309/330 what a joke!
  15. Very nice work! Can't wait to see the dyno numbers. What kind of compression are you running? I'm having my 408 dyno'd on April 30. It only has 8.8:1 compression though, I was gonna blow it or turbo it but now that the economy has gone to crap I'm scared to spend that kind of cash. Hope all goes well and she puts up sweet numbers for you.
  16. nope nowhere near what i expected
  17. damn, i didnt expect that small of numbers on such a sick motor. i was hoping for high 300's. maybe some tuning here and there might help?
  18. You and me both! But unfortunitly thats all i can get cause the compression is so low. I started another thread of how bummed i am,from the sounds of it my cam is to small as well. So it's time for a bigger cam! peace

  19. Todays the 1st of may what are your numbers? peace

  20. I made the compression mistake with a 347 before, and still made 340RWHP with 8.5:1 a bigger cam, better heads and intake. I piston swap can give you 30+% hp at 10.5:1 and valve reliefs for a bigger cam. Don't worry about it, building is part of the fun right. If you have everything else done, these upgrades don't take near the time or money that have gone in so far.