35th Anniv My 35th Silver Coupe

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  1. Different for sure. glad to see you at least put black stripes in front of each scoop.

    PM me for your car number if you still need it. I will need your VIN#
  2. mods

    yea i put the stripes there to pay tribute to the stock hood. thanks for the offer but i got my production number (138) through mustang35th.com

    there are alot more mods that you can't see.
    Vortech S-Trim w/ Intercooler
    anderson power pipe
    70 mm trottle body
    modified Cobra mass air
    comp cams blower cams
    bored 30 over
    eagle rods
    ross pistons
    sct dual program
    level ten shift kit
    3.73 gears
    shortie headers
    bassani x pipe w/ cats
    flowmaster american thunder system
    eibach 1.25" lowering springs
    xenon front bumper
    saleen s281 rear wing
    cervinis ram air hood
    Boyd Coddinton timeless wheels
    toyo rubber
    Nitto 555s for the track
    instrument bezel gauges
    pillar gauges
    pioneer cd player
    full fiberglass trunk setup w/ neon lights
    underbody neon
    projector headlights
    bullit gas cap

    465rwhp on pumped gas 93 octane, street tune
    not sure what the rwhp is on the race tune with race gas
  3. I've always wondered . . . .

    A Limited Edition is unique because of its special hood treatment and special wheels and special deck lid spoiler and other "special" things . . . .

    If you take a Limited Edition and you put a different hood and different front end and different wheels and different spoiler on it, is it still a "Limited Edition"?

    Dave Williams did a nice job on #0001, but if it doesn't look like a Limited Edition any more, what's the point?


    I hesitated to even put a Mach 1 chin spoiler on my car, it's no longer "pure'" . . . .
  4. i agree with you that is why i paid tribute to the hood stripe and put them on my aftermarket hood. i still have all the original parts, all of which are bolt ons so they can easily be put back on. i started taking them off because i noticed how much these parts are to replace. i believe it would cost me more money to replace the original parts then the aftermarket ones if something were to happen to them.

    Besides we all know 9 out of 10 stangs don't remain stock.
  5. If finances allowed, I'd probably change out a couple of things. Wheels and hood are about all I'd change. of course I'd keep the stock ones around.
    Dave's car was a mess when he got it, whoever had it before cared very little for it and he had to completely repaint it and do some major overhauling on other areas, its come along way.
  6. If I got a true 35th edition, I would leave it bone stock. Even if it got wrecked, i'd return it to stock. If it was modded, i'd search for the stock parts and put them on.

    I just don't understand why people change the stuff out on these cars so much, just makes no sense to get a limited edition Mustang and replace the main signature pieces on it. :shrug:
  7. I thought that too when I first got my 35th. But when you own it long enough, it can get boring, so people mod it. Even though mine is pretty moderatly modified, I kept ALL of my original parts just in case I sell it someday so I can put it completely back to stock form, nothing on the car is perminent either which is good.

    Anyways, can you honestly say the looks of a modified 35th isnt worth modifying it?


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  8. No doubt, your car looks sweet, but imagine the conversation . . . . .

    "Nice car, what is it?"

    "It's a 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustang."

    "What makes it a Limited Edition?"

    "Oh, special wheels, special hood, special interior, stuff like that."

    "Oh yeah, I see what you mean, I love those wheels."

    "Well, these aren't the 35th LE wheels, they're home in my garage."

    "Oh. . . . ah, well the gas filler is cool."

    "Yeah, but that's not original to a 35th LE either."

    The reason I bought my LE was because it was unique in a LE way .... If I'd wanted to customize a car I coulda bought any ol' Mustang . . . .

    Again, I'm not dissin' your car, it looks really good, just doesn't look like a 35th LE. (I agonized over adding a Mach I Chin Spoiler to my car, I felt I was betraying it in a way . . . . )
  9. I hear ya. I just add things that accent the 35th package (smoked headlights, bullitt brakes, chin spoiler, lowered, bumper inserts, nitrous :) ).

    In the end it's just a mustang though, and really there isn't that big a mark-up due to the LE stuff.

    LE fo' life :flag: