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  1. Well I ordered a 410W from Dyno-Flo and it cam a few days ago. Its a 69 Blockbored .40 over with forged Probe dish pistons and Mahle rings, Eagle 4" 4340 forged crank, Eagle 6.2" 4340 forged H beam rods, King Pro Race rod and main bearings, and ARP main studs. If I use a 64cc head my comp. ratio should be at 9.3:1 correct? Well here are pics of my new motor and progress so far. All I have to do is undo the fuel lines and then pull the motor out.

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    Ill use this thread for my progress.
  2. Nice setup. How is the suspension set up?
  3. Is the blower going on the new motor?

    Looks nice! :nice:
  4. thats sweet. I want to know how that motor stands up because im tossing around the idea of buying from them. What year block did they use? is it a one piece rear main? is it a roller block?
  5. Yes the Procharger is going on. Its a earlier block non roller with a 2 piece seal. Ill let you know how it stands up to big power.
  6. Also my suspension is as follows: 90/10s, 50/50s, full length subframes, Rear air bag drag springs, Mega bite upper and lower arms, 3.55 gear
  7. Lol,check your torque boxes if you havent already.

    Cause if you dont got reinforcments now,you WILL need them ;)
  8. As far as compression goes how big is the dish in the pistons, or do you know the PT# I can figure it out for you.
  9. have you got it all together yet? any updates.
  10. Sorry I havent replied t this thread for a while. Ive been busy and sick and I just started on the car again last night. The 347 is now out and Im getting ready to start on the 410W going in. Rick 91GT the part number on the pistons are 12360(or 4 instead of the 0)-040. I just got my lower intake from UPS today so Im going to pull the heads tomorrow evening and all the other parts I need. I will keep you all posted with pics and such.
  11. Yes Paulie its a 69 block.
  12. Compression Ratio Calculator v2.d

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006 12:24 pm

    * 410 cid *

    Bore Size: 4.040
    Gasket Bore: 4.100
    Piston Top Land Dia: 4.005
    Stroke: 4.000
    Connecting Rod Length 6.200
    Compression Height: 1.280
    Deck Height: 9.500
    Ring to Top of Piston 0.250
    Gasket Thickness: 0.040
    Valve Notches Volume: 19.30
    Dome Volume: 0.00
    Volume Head: 64.00

    calculation variables:

    Piston to Deck: 0.020
    Crank Throw: 2.000
    Vol. Above Top Ring: 0.91 cc
    Piston to Dec Vol.: 4.20 cc
    Gasket Volume: 8.65 cc
    Volume Clearance: 97.06 cc
    Cylinder Volume: 840.26 cc
    CID: 410.045
  13. RICK is the man:D
    quickGT I can't wait to see it all together!
  14. WOW Thanks alot Rick. Paulie is right, YOU ARE THE MAN. Anyway I got the heads and all of the accessories off the my old block. Im waiting on my flywheel, harmonic balancer, gaskets, and all else I have ordered. I do have a question. I know this is a non roller block, what do I have to do to make this a roller block? I would like to use my 1.72 SVO rockers and my rocker support. Im going to have a new cam custom ground and if I need new rockers then no problem. I was told that I could use my rockers but the cam is actually the problem in a non roller block to a roller cam. What do I need to make my block a roller? Im having Ed Curtis do my cam. Could he make me all the part to make my block a roller? Thanks
  15. All you need are link bar hyd.roller lifters. Crane, Comp, and Crower all make these lifter for that purpose. No block machining is necessary. The only disadvantage to this set up over going with a small base circle cam/spider hold down set up is that you wont be able to remove the lifter without taking off the heads.
  16. Progress. My motor is now out and apart. I have disassembled my 308 ( yes I said 347 earlier, but I found out I was lied to, bore is 4 1/16 and stroke is 3, so thats a 308 right?) Anyway I had severe blow by on the motor and no compression on one cylinder. I thought that a hole was in the piston, but no hole. I think the rings are just cracked all the he!!. I have my new flywheel, harmonic damper, and my 1995 Cobra R lower intake I won of of ebay (which I think its probably only a Lightning lower, but still they are not make any longer). Im waiting on my new distributor, headers, oil pan and oil pump, head bolts, and my gasket kit. They should be here in the next 2 days or less. Heads look P&P but need cleaned up and Im taking that ugly yellow paint off. Well enough rambling here are some pics. Will keep you updated.

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  17. that sucks about being lied to. I have always wondered why there are so many 5.0L running around with 331 or 347 strokers now. geez peeps lie way to much.
  18. any updates yet?
  19. Actually 86 there have been some updates but I havent posted them yet. Ive had 2 deaths in my family in the past 2 weeks and its been hectic. Ive got all of my parts in except my cam and pushrods, which those will be in within a couple of weeks. Ive had my heads ported and polished and my valves ground. My lower intake has been ported and polished also. My block has been painted as well as my lower intake and my heads. Im going all black on my heads and block and such so that it will hide dirt better and also my polished valve covers and upper intake and all my other look pretty parts will bling (lol). I am uploading pics here in a minute for the thread. If all goes well, I should have the motor back together and in my car within 2-3 weeks. Here are the pics
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