My 410W is here

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  1. It looks like you need the thicker harmonic balancer spacer. It think it's .950
  2. That was the problem Mike. I was sent a 5/16 spacer and I need the 1 inch one. I ordered it a few hours ago. Thanks for the help man
  3. wierd that Ford SB's need the spacer. why couldn't they just make the pulleys specific to the years. i had the same problem when i got my pulleys on. had to get spacer to match everything up. btw when will you fire that bad boy up?
  4. 86 I should be firing it up by this weekend. Im waiting on a accessory bracket and a pilot bearing that will be here tomorrow. Then it will go in.
  5. Ok its Friday close enough to the weekend did you get it fired yet?
  6. No 86 didnt get to fire it up:( . Im having problems with the header on the drivers side not clearing the steering shaft and knuckle. Iwas told to beat them with a hammer in a little to clear but the headers lack about an inch or so before they clear, so Im not going to do it that way. I just ordered a set of shorty BBK keaders from Summit a few minutes ago so they should be here tomorrow. Other than that and an accessory belt and S/C belt, Im good to go. Ill let you guys know when the headers get here.
  7. it seems a few peeps have troubles with LT headers and 351w clearing the steering knuckle. the remodies i have read about are installing a few washrs under the engine mount to get it a bit higher. if you are using old mounts some peeps have just ordered new ones and the headers fit. others have installed the headers after the engine is in. they had to disassemble the steering install header then reassemble the steering. but if you don't want to do that shorties work very nicely. PM with a price i may buy your long tubes. i have been wanting to upgrade from my BBK shorties in my car. even my shorties are rubbed ever so slightly by the steering knuckle.
  8. Well guys the motor IS IN. The headers are working too. I had to take off the steering shaft and knuckle and install it between the primaries and it works fine. All I have to do now is install the S/C, oil, plugs, wires, dipstick, and its ready to go. Here are some pics of the car with the motor in. Also I have a question, in one of the pics Im holding a hose with a threaded male end on it. Its coming off one of the metal coland tubes that mounts on the intake. This is such a stupid question, but where does it hook to. I forgot, lol. Thanks guys
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  9. looks like it might be a sensor of some kind...double check your lower intake to make sure theres no open holes
  10. That looks like the fitting that goes in the passenger side rear corner of the lower intake. The small hose then connects to the rear nipple on the EGR spacer. Then a hose goes from the nipple on the hard coolant line to the front nipple of the EGR spacer. Those coolant lines aren't really needed though, so I would just eliminate them.
  11. Damn nice job! They wont call you QUICKGT, for noth'in :nice: .
  12. Well guys I ran into a problem today. My oil pump shaft is not long enough to reach from my distributor to my oil pump. Does anyone know about how long the shaft should be for a 351W? Thats the ONLY thing holding me back that I know of. Please help.
  13. You mean you need a 351W shaft?

    I would suggest you get an ARP or FRPP one.
  14. yah it would be a good idea to get a aftermarket 1 so that there are no rounding or possible breakage issues on what looks like a wicked engine and expensive combo.
  15. check the lower intake behind the 4th cylinder, either there is a fitting there, OR an empty threaded hole. thats where that hose goes.
  16. as stated...get a ford racing shaft or arp...i personaly went with the ford unit
  17. Well I have a Melling shaft for a 351W or so its supposed to be. The problem is its too short to reach my pump. I got it from Summit but Im thinking they sent me the wrong shaft. Im sure I didnt put my pump in wrong. It can only go in one way, right?And the pickup tube can only go on one way without it keeping the oil pan from going on. From what I have measured, the shaft should be pretty darn long right?
  18. With out having it handy,I think it about 8"-10"....
  19. i'd say they sent you the wrong one. i hated those things when i was building my combo. i waited 2 months for a mcCleod flywheel. when i got it it was the wrong one. it was hard not to come unglued. oh well im running now and i have stories. i still wish i had a decent head on my 351w. man that burns my butt. damn parts guys suckered me into buy a 165cc head for a 351w. i wish i read more before i bought.