My 410W is here

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  1. Well guys, the motor is in and everything is together. BUT, Im having problems with NO SPARK. I have no idea what it could be either. The coil is hooked up, the MSD 6BTM is on (never fooled with it while taking the motor out). I did have a problem with the solenoid though. I did trip the solenoid and still no luck with spark. My plug is on from the harness to the distributor. What else could it be? I changed the solenoid but I think I have the wrong one, but I can still trip the solenoid with a screw driver.
  2. what heads are those?
  3. They are World Products Roush heads
  4. did you check your engine grounds? and mabe try bypassing the MSD and see what happens
  5. All my grounds are fine , I think. I olny have 2 grounds right? I have 1 from the witing harness that grounds to the firewall and I have a battery cable ground that grounds to the block right? At least those are the only 2 grounds I have grounded. And another thing, my MSD positive wire is hooked to my solenoid, is this a good place to hook it too? Is there a ground for the MSD? If so then what wire is it?
  6. any updates? any fire in that big cube windsor?
  7. Yes there is fire and spark in the motor 86. Im having problems with it not starting up though. The motor does not turn over fast enough to start. I think its one of two problems. Either the engine builder didnt clearance the bearings enough or I put a concave metal like gasket on the timing chain and you're not supposed to. I heard the latter one from a guy that has done a few 351W motors. He sid they come with new timing chains and that they are used on the 302s but not 351s. Have any of you guys heard such?
  8. i can't remember a concave metal gasket on my 351w.
  9. What kinda starter you got and did you hook the batter up to a big charger befor hand?

    Try that first befor you go tearing anything apart.
  10. i reused my stock starter on mine when i first got it done and it was like would start..but the starter had a hard time with it...after about 15 starts it crapped a powermaster starter from summit and it works awsome it is the XS series
  11. Ive got a 1995 Mustang starter on it. It supposed to have more torque than the earlier years. Ive also got a new 875 cranking amp battery. Even with the new 875 battery, new starter and 200 amps from a battery charger it barely turns over.
  12. The only thing that even sounds remotely like is possably the oil slinger,witch shouldnt give you any problem.
  13. thats a bad ground.. all there is to it.. how about the ground from the motor to the firewall?
  14. The battery is grounded a water pump bolt and the wiring harness is grounded to the firewall. Is that enough grounds? I know it takes a heck of a lot to turn the motor over with a torque wrench on the crank pulley bolt. Should the battery not be grounded to the water pump?
  15. I am assuming your battery is still up front, run the ground right to the block or the side of the timing cover, or run another Ground from the frame to the block, make sure all the paint is off of those areas, use atleast a 4 guage wire.

    As a test you can take a set of jumper cables, hook 1 side up to the anywhere on the motor and the other side to the frame and see if the car turns over....then you'll know you need more ground.
  16. mabe he was refering to the thrust plate??

    o yea..i forgot...after my stock starter went bad i got a ford mini your talking about...even brand new after about 20-25 starts it crapped out...tore it apart only to find out all the gears inside had all there teeth ripped surprise as the gears inside were made of plastic...then i got the powermaster starter and have had no problum...i also have a crappy battery and a stock alt with 100K+ miles on it
  17. how hard is it to turn by hand? any chance of a roll start?
  18. a roll start for a break-in......c'mon, thats just not thinking.

    I agree that its a bad ground. I have a powermaster starter thats able to turn over up to 13:1 comp engines, since my battery is in the back its grounded to a frame rail and one ground strap from a frame rail to the passenger cylinder head. double check your wiring and make sure the metal is clean under the grounded cables. Don't sweat the little things like this, i had my firing order wrong trying to start it for breakin 3 nights in a row, switched the wires from chevy firing order to ford and fired right up.
  19. well i didn't mean to drive it anywhere just a quick push by friends in the driveway. thought it would answer the question of if it really was the starter. but your probably right not so wise.
    any updates?
  20. any updates?