My 410W is here

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  1. Yes there are updates. I found the problem. I took the timing chain cover off and fond the thrust bearing was on there. I was told to take it off. I took it off. I also found that my buddy put the thrust bearing on before the cam gear then the cam gear then bolted the keeper on. The thrust bearing was rubbing the block and the cam gear bad. Its now fixed and Ijust need to put it back together and fire it up and see where we are at. Thanks for the help and the interest of updates guys.
  2. We gonna get a video, sounds clips or something? I'm glad you figured it out...PB
  3. yes i want video!! can't wait to hear the beast rumble.
  5. Yes there will be videos of this car and track videos too. It will be put back together by this weekend.
  6. lucky you, im still waiting on my maf and for the guy at the machine shop to get done with my upper im at a stand still

    although i did replace the maf on the 89GT with my old c&l 76mm and it idles nicely i guess i can always drive that :)
  7. well it has been a week or so i think whats the latest?
  8. in for startup
  9. ??? you helping him?
  10. waiting if it is killing me to hear news i can only imagine what it is doing to you.