My 67 Stang cranks a while before starting


Jan 21, 2020
Salt Lake City, Utah
I have a 67 Mustang and it was recently in the shop for what my mechanic said were wiring harness issues. When I had the car before it would pretty much start right up without hardly any cranking after I got it back from the shop I noticed it was taking a while for it to crank before turning over. I could make a video if anyone wanted to hear it crank before turning over. It's just a little embarrassing to when I start my car to have it take a while to crank before it turns over. Once its warm and I drive it and it sits for a while it starts right up np. It's only when the car has been sitting overnight.

Here's the video of my car cranking. View:
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will be trying this sex one when I can find it
Mar 5, 2019
Crank for awhile after sitting ?

Which carb?
which ignition?

Guessing at info provided.

Carb leaking fuel out (porosity?) and starter and pump having to replace fuel first to start.
Float level wrong
timing off?
lousy grounds
combinations of above items

Lets us know what happens


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Jan 17, 2020
It is cranking very slow. If it runs good after it starts and the battery terminals are clean and the battery is fully charged it should crank much faster. If it were my car I'd make sure the battery cables are clean and tight and then if it is still slow cranking I'd consider putting a rebuild starter on it and getting it cranking faster. Rebuilt starters are inexpensive.
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