My 68 Mustang Project

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  1. This is my 68 Sprint Coupe 289, wimbeldon white with Red interior and red c stripe. It has a rebuilt c code, FBB radiator, Ford script duals for a 68 GT350, needs c4 rebuilt, needs new AC, about to do a granada front disc swap and have about 70% of the parts I need to finish. Also does anyone know of a mild cam that will give a loping idle and still be street able with Auto and AC?


    Video of the car running
    238e79fc.mp4 video by SS07_RKC - Photobucket

    Let me know what you think.

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  2. Looks like your off to a Good Start! The Discs will be a Great improvment, but there are many other options than Granada. Be thorough when doing your homework, and checkout CSRP, and others who specialize in this area......

    Here's something.... CSRP discbrakeswap Mustang Disc Brake Conversion Kits SWAP3

    Good luck with your project!
  3. Good Link

    Only thing is I'm really working on a tight budget, I found everything I need for Granada from discs minus the proportional valve and MC for 300 all of which is brand new obsolete Ford parts. Probably begin the brake swap sometime next week, trans comes out tomorrow, already removed dash and all the glass, not much left on the car at this point.
  4. The dirt sorta ate the tire in the first picture.

    Post up more pics when you make progress.
  5. Still wondering about a cam

    I want a rough idle but still be street able with Auto and AC
    Any input?
  6. I chose the CompCams XE262 for my 333, it is just under .500 lift and is the tallest cam in this line that will still put out enough vacuum for my PB & AC (15-17) from what I read. You can download their free camquest program and plug in different variables to see what profile it suggests.
    I considered the XE268 but heard it in a friends car and it was too lopey for me and his vacuum was ~13 but he didn't have PB or AC.
  7. Good input thanks:nice:

    My car has Power Steering and AC with Manual brakes

  8. Good stuff I might buy that swap #3 with manual discs. For how much more I have to spend to get ball joints, MC and Booster I'd be near the cost of that kit.
  9. Just an update, almost finished with the tear down of the car, dash is out, hood is off, trans will be coming out soon along with the motor. Then time to repaint all the black. All the factory suspension is new but I'd like to find some GT front coils any suggestions?
  10. Cool project! Can't wait to see where this goes.
  11. Good link thanks much!

    Thanks, it's going to be such a great cruiser!
  12. Glass is off the car, dash is out, Motor and trans come out this Sunday, going to let bunch of auto tech students rebuild the the Trans. It will be much much much cheaper and I'm not in any hurry to get the trans back. We know the auto tech teacher very ll and he does good work so I'm confident it will be a good rebuild.

    I'll post more pics soon im almost ready to start putting it all back together now.