My '69 Convertible was Overhauled

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  1. Wow! Will you do me a huge favor and send me an e-mail to [email protected], I'd like to ask you a few questions. Thanks!
  2. Congrats! It looks great! I'm a big fan of the show.
  3. The Overhaulin guys did a SUPER job!! Chip adding the Fastback quarters/trunk to it was simply genus,that changed the whole attitude of the car.
  4. Man, I remember seeing that show a couple weeks ago, that car is unbeleiveable! I've never, ever seen a nicer-looking '69-'70 model Mustang. I absolutely love the rear quarter treatment, I think it really "makes" the car! How does it drive?
  5. I watched that episode, I loved what they did with quarters. I think Chip is a design genius. What were your overall feelings for the way the work was done? Do you feel it was really a quality job considering the time frame? Did they do anything that you would have liked to see done differently?

    Awesome car.
  6. When i came out with my eyes close for the reveal, i expected to open them and see it the same color (white) and with shiny silver wheels. My dream has always been black with black rims... and also when i tried to fix it up on my own i always had the idea to use a lot of stuff from the fastback like the bullet looking mirrors, front spoiler, etc. It never even crossed my mine to try the rear quarters, etc.

    So when i opened my eyes and actually saw the EXACT car that had always been in my head i just about ***** my pants. I still cant believe they did all that in 7 days, its perfect, i wouldnt change one single thing!!! :)
  7. I still don' t have the car back :( It was all filmed on 12/6 and they said the average time to get it back is 2 months. After the show it goes to a shop for safety checking, etc. Last i heard they were waiting on front brake rotars, i guess they had the wrong size on there. I cant wait!! ill post more pics and an update when i get it back :nice:
  8. They could keep my car for 2 months, no problem! Your episode was on this past week again and since I have my recorder set to record all of 'em, I watched it agian this morning. I can't even imagine how it must feel to have that done for you. Do you at least get visitation rights to your car while they have it after the show?
  9. Wow, i saw that episode the other day and the car looks awesome. When your car was missing did you ever think that you could possibly be on Overhaulin? or did it not even cross your mind?
  10. Know something else? There was a guy a while back that worked for MDJay who's '70 Mach 1 was on Overhaulin' and while the car turned out very nice, it was also kinda "controversial" in a way. I mean, most everyone didn't care for the wheels, it was green, and so on. Not only that, but they sold the car a few months after it was done. I don't think you'll ever hear a bad comment on your car, it looks soooo well-proportioned and is tastefully done. I also get the impression your car won't be ending up on ebay anytime soon...
  11. Man, yours was one of my favorite episodes of all time. I have to say thats the best looking '69-70 convertible that I have ever seen. Congrats :nice:
  12. Wow, that DOES look very good and an ingenious way to spice up the look of the car. I love that it also has a shaker hood. Wow.
  13. What an incredible opportunity!!! You are one lucky dude. I'd give my left @#$ to have a car Overhauled. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  14. I agree. I also liked the trunk mod he did...
  15. One more thing, I had Barry and Brents Overhauled Gambler 514 in my showroom for a about 6 mos. Then they sold it. Please just keep the damn car and don't cash in. You'll may never have a car like this again so keep it, take care of it, and don't let it out of your site :)
  16. Welcome to Stangnet! This was one of my favorite episodes as well. It must have been funny to watch the fake fight between Chip and Chris.

    I'm normally not a fan of red stripes on black, but in your case the red they chose is exquisite and looks phenomenal on the black! One of the most beautiful paint jobs I've ever seen.

    Please keep us posted when you get the car back. We're dying to hear how it drives and handles :D
  17. Ditto all the responses. I watch the show religiously and love to see any Stangs on it. I loved all the mods Chip did to your vert, especially the fb quarters. The leather work on the seats looks awesome as well. I also think the ghost flamed stripes look perfect. I can usually say there is a least 1 thing about an Overhauled car that I'm not in love with, but not yours!

    I keep hinting to my wife and kids to sign me up, especially since it now seems that they are reaching beyond CA for cars.

    Congrats dude, enjoy the hell out of that car and NEVER sell it!!
  18. I also saw the episode just last week. I really love what they did to the 69 Mustang convertible. You are one lucky person to own a car like that.
  19. Hey Jay, what was the deal with that car winding up on ebay? Did they get caught off-gaurd by the taxes associated with the build, or was it all kind of scam to get a car built on the cheap to resell at a big profit? Also, what did the car end up going for?