My 77 Cobra II thread.

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  1. So what did you miss first try?
    I'm learning too.
  2. I think my first link picture was bad. because I tried it again with the second image and it did work?!?!

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  3. Mark,
    What is different in the two posts?
    First one is a thumbnail and the second id a full size picture?
  4. J used stangnets attachment feature. With the attachmen feature you upload a graphic to stangnets server. Then stangnet resizes the graphic to a thumbnail and makes the thumbnail a link.

    In my post I linked directly to the full sized version of J's picture stored on the Stangnet server.

    One of the disadvantages to direct linking to a personal server is people tend to post full sized graphics into the thread. That sucks because it can screw up a thread and make the thread unreadable by the graphic being bigger than the monitor. Just resize and make the graphic a link, the following picture is an example:


    Just click on the pic.

    The above is easy to do, click on the Web icon located above the text box, paste the url for the full sized version, click OK, then clicking the Image icon and pasting the url for the smaller version. Have to be careful not to UNhighlite the highlighted field between these steps, while going between the browser windows and such.

    Like anything it just takes a little pratice.

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  6. Damn Mark where the hell have you been? I thought you fell off the face of the earth!

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    Putter I have this thing licked!! Up-load your pictures to:

    Under your picture there will be 4 options:
    1.Email & IM
    2.Direct Link
    3.HTML tag
    4.IMG Code

    Left click "IMG Code", Then right click, Then left click "Copy", Go to the stang net and right click, Left Click paste, and Mark's your uncle!

  8. Darn, I forgot all you have to do is left click on the text to the right of the desired option and that options code is copied to the clipboard.

    I prefer to use 'my own' server , overall I find it easier to manage.