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  1. I'm a newbe here and put in a hello on the welcome wagon but wanted to say hello over here and show my new to me Mustang that I got last week. She has a v6 and 4spd. I have done absolutely nothing but clean her up since I got her. The man I got her from did a good bit of work to her. He put a black primer on her then cleared over the primer. I will keep her like that for now.
    He recently moved here from Texas and towed her here on a U haul dolly. He made it here fine but when he went to back her up into the drive he jackknifed it an broke the inner tie rod. I'm going to replace the steering rack and the tie rods. I also have some mesh Enkie wheels I will put on her and put the trim back on her then drive her like she is while doing odds and ends as I go.

    This is his picture from his craigslist add. He put this front spoiler off of a Nissan Sentra on her. I'm not sure how I like it yet but he did a good job making it fit.
  2. Good looking collection of mustangs you have there. With a little tlc that ll will be looking fine.
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  3. Thanks :nice: I'm looking forward to getting to work on her.
  4. Hey, I recognize this car!! Welcome to the stangnet family!! :)
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  5. Thanks :nice:
  6. Very nice, welcome to the club! I hope you keep the 6, too many people just rip 'em out first chance they get to drop in a 302 but I've kept mine and I love it. Also I think that Sentra spoiler looks like it was made for the car. With as few parts as are available for the II in the aftermarket, it's a very different experience from restoring a Classic (where you could easily build one from the catalog). Many II owners will applaud the creativity and engineering it took to mate up that spoiler and the amount of research it took to find one that looks that good (and not get all hung up on concourse restorations)! Have fun, we're here to help should you need.
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  7. Thanks:nice: My goal for the car as of right now is to keep it as is and just enjoy it so the motor will stay in. I have another major project going on so I wont do anything major to this one. The good thing is that it's a good solid car so it wont take much to make it a good solid driver. My hot rod days are behind me so I'm not worried about speed. I just like to cruize and enjoy. :cool: Although I do still enjoy the sound of a good beefy V8. But I must say this 6 sounds pretty darn good too.
  8. Been tinkering with #2 today. I put the wheels from the convertible on it just to see what the tire size would look like. I think they look pretty good. I also put the front valence back on it. I'm not real crazy about it. I think it looks better without it.
  9. Hey there! Seen your post over on FEP, but figured I'd post here instead. Someone over there said something about lowering the front if you were to go without the spoiler, and I agree it would look a little better since you are missing the standard valance. If you do lower it, you will have to keep an eye on the tires rubbing in the wheel wells. I cut a little more than one coil from my springs when I had the 13's on it and it went fine, but with the 15's on it, one side rubbed on a body seam at full lock. Seems that some that have used Fox wheels also suggest a spacer, something to keep in mind if you choose to go with a set of 10 holes or any other Fox wheel. Back to the Sentra(?) spoiler-I agree that it looks a little better without it after looking at the fender side a little more closely. I like the general idea as it's different, but I think it would have been a little better if it would have had trim to match up to like the 84-86 filler did. The random exposed fasteners just don't work imo.

    I loved the one V6 car that I had in high school in the 80's. It had enough pep to beat a transplanted 327 Camaro! The guy with the Camaro couldn't believe I only had a V6 and exclaimed that he just installed the 327. I told him that he did something wrong! :)

    A buddy also test drove a V6/4 speed Cobra a couple years later and said it was pretty awesome for a V6. He said it had dual exhaust and turbo mufflers and sounded pretty good too. I remember seeing it a few months later (he wasn't able to get it...) and I agree, it did sound pretty cool for a V6. It doesn't have that V8 growl yet has a cool unique sound.
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  10. Thanks! I agree the front end needs to come down some and I think the back may need to come up a little with some more rubber in the back. I was thinking a 275/50 but that might be a little too much. Or a 245/60?

    I do like the sound of this car. It has duals on it with some small pipes maybe 2" It also has some very small mufflers on it. Not sure what they are but they do sound good.

    As far as the valence goes I will probably get a proper one over time along with a rear spoiler.

    Whats your name on FEP?
  11. same name and avatar as here :)

    275's will probably work with the right spacing. I have 265/50-15 on the rear of mine and had to massage one spot inside the wheel well. 275's might require a little different backspacing than 4.5. I think something like 4.25 would probably be good?

    Here is a quick link to the wheel/tire sticky where I posted pics of my fitment. I was looking through and on the same page is someone else's II with the same size tire. My car is about 2/3 down the page.
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  12. i like the front valance
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  13. Thanks for the link! Those 265/50's look very good on there!
  14. It looks good from a distance but up close it looks kinda cheep. I like the idea of it but it though.