Fox My 88 Hatchback Code Named Andariel The Demon Gt

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  1. Interior looks good.

    Lights, no comment.
  2. The tails remind me of Knight Rider, but if you like them then thats what matters! Keep it up, progress is always fun to see.
  3. ^^^^ thats what i was thinking, loved Kit.
  4. Yeah I was using some bonus money, and feeling bad for myself so I decided to cheer myself up and black it all out. Looks pretty snazy, but needs touched up in a few spots and I need some legit black arm rests, my seats rub off the paint after a while....

    I LOVE the tails man... cant get over how sweet they look in the day, and at night... I got them from American Muscle. They have unsmoked but they looks euro trashy to me.... these look almost stock but not.... :)

    LOL people either love the lights or hate them. I understand. I am one who loves them, and the one pieces headlights are the :poo: really... they look fantastic... cleans up the front end...

    A little bit yeah... I like it still :) great old show I used to watch with my grandpa. Too bad they dont make stuff like that anymore...


    Who didnt?!?!


    By the way I find it funny you guys arent curious about what type of boost I bought? Turbo? NOS? Supercharger? lol...
  5. Probably supercharger like 75,000 other boosted stangs lol
  6. lol well of course.. I scored a good deal on a vortec setup...
  7. Psh i guess a few of us have to be different (turbo guys) granted i dont have it yet that's the route im going
  8. I wanted to go turbo, but for now this was a great price
  9. That will be fun. Looking forward to seeing you get it together.

    P.S. Can I start calling you Hoff?
  10. ^^^^^ Hoff, Hoffman, Hoff-miester , Holyhoofin' Hoffer :lol:

  11. I am the hoff!
  12. Just make sure not to hassle the hoff.
  13. Interior looking good!:nice:
  14. good work on the interior just need to do the seats.

    also keep in mind you will need a good strong trans if you keep it auto.
  15. Thanks man! I should be getting at least 1 black seat here soon. I am thinking corbeau fx1

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  16. Thanks man. It was a crap ton of work lol. I am getting at least 1 corbeau fx1 here soon.

    Check my mod list on the first page brother. I have a lentech street terminator built AOD. She is solid until I get a new block lol

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  17. Car looks good. That's a lot of impressive work you've done.

    Some of the mods on your list are a little suspect. The GT40 block, and E7 heads with GT-40 sized valves installed may not be correct or needs to be researched a bit.

    Those front brake calipers are 99-04 GT/V6 front brakes...just for future reference for maintainence.
  18. Nice, aggressive start on this project that's for sure - what are your plans for the seats?
  19. Thanks for the compliment. She looks good inside and under the hood, outside besides lights not so much. I might do a quick down and dirty rustoleum flat black on it just to make it one color. Who knows...

    Yeah that list I had is from the guy I bought it from. I made comments on if I had seen that it was true or not, or wasn't sure. GT40 block I said was NOT TRUE, and no idea on the valves but I figure they are just stock...

    99-04 front brakes? Awesome thanks! I wasn't sure. I know the rears are 04s. I should get a powerboost so I can have a little more room and make the brakes work better. I have to press super hard on them to get them to lock, and even then it feels like the car weighs a ton and just keeps moving.

    Corbeau FX1 Wide Seats... As soon as I can find a set for cheap lol.

    I spoke to my dyno tuning guy yesterday. $400 bucks will get my car tuned. This is with a discount from him of course.

    I will post some pictures up later of the Vortech V1 kit that I just got in the mail. I am super stoked and everything looks great. Thanks to Meach14 he is the man!

    Also I started my smog delete last night. I didn't get very far, but I did order the LMR plugs for the back of the heads for $9.99. I can handle that for sure, and I know they will fit. As soon as I get off work I will be headed home as fast as I can so that I can start to tear all the smog stuff out to make room for my blower!
  20. The booster is stock. That's prob why it feels as if you don't have much power. You need to replace that booster from one from a 1993 Cobra, 94-95 Mustang or 99-04 V6 Mustang. That should give you the assist you need.

    Looking back at your list, the 2004 Cobra rear end parts are to be questioned as well. 2004 Cobras were Independant Rear Suspension cars, but your car (i assume) has a solid axle. From what i can see from the pics, it does look like Cobra rear brakes, but the solid axle variety. need a better pic to confirm.