Fox My 88 Hatchback Code Named Andariel The Demon Gt

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  1. shoulda went turbo...


    looks good man!
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  2. guess i read right over it. nice start though man.
  3. I'll take another pic. My thought was it was a cobra diff my axle. It is a 5 lug swap so I'm hoping it has 31 splines.

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  4. Lol too much money right now. Can always sell this for over what I paid or the same and go turbo later... I'd rather save for slicks and skinnies and a new block lol.

    Thanks though. Stay tuned!

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  5. All good in the hood man. I hope it is a lentech. Shifts like it is. I thought it was a good set of mods for $4500 too lol.

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  6. Well I got all of the smog stuff off including the egr pips that go to each side of the head on the back. I also pulled off my passenger header. A nightmare in itself, then I welded it where it had broken in the bottom connection to the h pipe. I need a lot more practice welding...


    I think it is at least good enough to hold though so I let it cool off and then put it back on. That Sucked. My fingers feel blistered from trying to turn the header bolts so hard. But in the end I succeeded and I think I am solid on that at least now. I need to bend or cap or something the h pipe which had a connection for the smog system. Also I need those plugs for the heads because major leak back there when you crank it up. Far too loud to tell if my header is leaking or not. Oh well those come Thursday. In the meantime.... Pics of supercharger! An other stuff

    Some smog stuff




    Clean garage!


    Yay boxes. I love ups. Man he wrapped this stuff well.


    Screw big air maf


    Power pipe


    Individually wrapped 60# injectors


    Gave me a goal showing me his best et




    Bracket with empty smog housing for me


    8 rib? Woot!


    Even came with original instruction booklet.


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    Ramblings brought to you by tapatalk on the iPhone.
  7. Well I have been working getting the kit on.
    So far I have deleted all smog stuff, fixed I hope lol my leaky pass side header, Mounted supercharger and alternator and bracket, tapped the pan, and installed the oil pickup.

    I just grabbed a new wix oil filter and some Royal Purple 10-30 to change the oil with. Don't want any shards making it into the engine after tapping.

    I still need to...

    Install 60# injectors
    Install sct chip
    Change oil and filter
    Install new harmonic balancer
    Install new pulley system
    Install tension on new bracket - had to buy from summit. Previous owner of kit didn't use it....
    Buy and install new spark plugs
    Install smog delete plugs - if they ever get here
    Install corbeau fx1 racing seats

    So here is the work...

    Finally picked one if these up too lol.



    Shiny new and Sfi approved.

  8. I saw your location in the Springs, then I saw you talking about being in AZ. Rats...I'm in the Springs. Thought I found another Fox owner in the Springs.
  9. Yeah I was there for 4 years at the Air Force Academy. I am hoping to move back but you never know lol... I am in Tucson now...
  10. Seats are in.... too wide and crush the center console lol....

  11. Progress!




    old 24#s

    getting closwer!



    wow they are silver!





    had to put the smog pulley back on...


    now it works...


    tight tho..


    looks oh so nice...


  12. I had similar clearance issues. Have you tried a slightly shorter belt?
  13. I havent yet. I need to try one that is 1/8" to 1/4" shorter and try that one...

    I am using a Gates K060926 which is 93-1/8" long...

    BTW what numbers have you ran and put down et mph and hp ft lbs wise ?
  14. Found some chrome under that plasti dip!!!



    New Corbeau FX1 Pro's!!
  15. how are you liking those seats? New seats are top on my list for the next year.
  16. I need to change my sig! That car dyno'd at 419. Then about 6 months later it caught fire and burned beyond rebuilding. I finally bought another a few months ago and the first thing I did was install the vortech. It's going to the dyno in two weeks.
  17. Well I had the wide version and they didnt fit at all. I now have the Pros which are the smallest. They fit easily with room to spare, I would go with the normal FX1 and might even trade these ones in for some idk. They are very comfortable and supportive. Plus they look great!

    Nice. caught fire?! WTF






  19. Wow.... Any idea how that happened?

    I am dying to get to my tune on Tuesday 12pm! Seriously can't wait to see the numbers and be able to romp on it afterwards!