Fox My 88 Hatchback Code Named Andariel The Demon Gt

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  1. I don't know what happened. I could tell that the fire originated right at the SC, but that's about it. I can't wait to hear what numbers you put down. Mine goes in for its tune in about 2 weeks. This motor is a little less "built" up, so I'll be happy with anything over 350.
  2. Interesting.... Yeah I wish I was taking it in today, but oh well. I am going to install my TRex pump just to make sure I have enough gas for it lol... I am hoping for 300+whp
  3. I have a trex to install before dyno day as well!
  4. Yeah I'm not sure if I need it or not tho lol. Whatever can't hurt right? I'll eventually probably do a sump through
  5. Can't hurt. Do you have a stock fuel pump? My last car had a stock pump and a trex and together they couldn't keep up with 30# injectors. I upgraded to 42 and a 255 and it was more than enough. I'm doing a 190 and 42's on this car. We'll see how it works.
  6. Its a 155 I think not sure... and 60# injectors
  7. I would highly recommend the T-Rex then. Probably upping the in-tank volume too. Your tuner will tell you tomorrow. I guarantee that he knows more than I do!
  8. yeah he will let me know im sure lol... I might be upgrading sooner then lol
  9. Got tuned! 308 RWHP / 365 ft lbs on a Mustang Dyno

    Went out and played too!

    Updated mods list...

    1988 Ford Mustang GT


    Stock E7TE Cylinder Heads
    E303 Camshaft
    Professional Products Powerforce Plus Harmonic Damper #90007
    Professional Products Powerforce Spacer for Ford #81007
    Edelbrock Victor High Flow Water Pump
    60 lb. Injectors
    GT40 Tubular Upper Intake
    GT40 Lower Intake
    SCT BA2400 Calibrated for 60 lb injectors
    Anderson Power Pipe for Vortech
    Vortech V1 HO Supercharger Kit
    8 rib/6 rib HO Crank Pulley pulley
    3.33 8 Rib Supercharger Pulley
    MSD 6A Ignition Coil
    Black Magic Extreme 3300 CFM Fan
    Fluidyne Aluminum 3 core radiator
    BBK Shorty Headers
    BBK H Pipe
    Flow Master Mufflers
    Ford Racing 8mm Spark Plug Wires
    Professional Products Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
    BBK Underdrive Water Pump Pulley
    65mm Throttle Body
    65mm EGR Spacer
    Lentech Street Terminator AOD Transmission
    9.5 inch converter = 2600 stall
    Hayden Transmission Cooler
    Chrome Ford Racing Transmission Pan
    Poly Transmission Mount
    130 Amp Alternator Swap
    Optima Red Top Battery
    190 lph Fuel Pump
    T-Rex Inline Add a Pump


    Kenny Brown Double Cross Subframe Connectors Welded
    Global West Strut Mounts
    Global West Rear Control Arms
    Poly Sway Bar Bushings
    5 lug conversion
    16 inch Chrome Cobra Replica Wheels
    96 Mustang 2 piston caliper polished Front Brakes
    04 Cobra Differential
    3.27 Gears
    31 Spline Axles
    Aluminum 1 Piece Ford Racing Drive Shaft
    Wilwood Adjustable Brake Proportioning Valve
    1993 Cobra Master Cylinder
    Stock Brake Booster
    BBK Lowering Springs
    KYB Rear Shocks


    Corbeau FX1 Pro Racing Seats
    Corbeau Dual Locking Race Seat Brackets
    New Black Carpet Front & Rear
    New Black Seat Belts Front & Rear
    New Black Premium Door Panels
    New Black Dash Pad
    New Black Door Arm Rest Pads
    New Black Center Console Arm Rest Lid and Rebuild
    New Black Door Skid Plates
    New Black Headliner
    New Black Sun Visors
    Painted All interior Pieces Black if not bought new


    Black Housing One Piece Headlights
    Smoked Black LED Tail Lights
    Smoked Fog Lights
    Antenna Delete
  10. Awesome! How's it driving after the tune?
  11. Watch the video and see lol... It needs some work on the tune still for drive-ability and cold starts, but that is probably due to the fact that we didnt know what my fuel pressure was, since it wasnt stock pressure and with an adjustable fpr.. So Ill go back when I have a gauge to see how and what to adjust it to...
  12. Right on. I watched the videos. It sounds great and looks to have plenty of power, but I can't tell how it drives. I've had a :poo:ty tune where the car made a ton of power, but hesitated and drove like :poo:. I'm glad you're happy with it. So much fun!
  13. Went and raced it :)

    11/16/2013 Drag Racing
    5140 DA
    Best ET of 13.56
    Best Trap of 110.52
    Race Weight of 3448 with driver

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  14. A lot of the driveability problems could be attributed to the 60 lb injectors, way over kill for your setup given the stock E7 heads! The driveability and cold starts are hard to get right with 60lb injectors because it's hard to scale the injector counts with the Maf in the window you're given. While it can be done, most cars that I see with 60 lb injectors are dropped off an the tune is done over the course of 2-3 days to get real true cold starts and make sure the driveability is spot on. This obviously comes at an extra cost but is worth it in my opinion. It seems all too often that tuners set up WOT give you a dyno sheet and throw you out on the street. Tuning in my opinion is very time consuming and has to be meticulous and most tuners just aren't that way anymore. My car with 1300+ rwhp for example has 235 lb injectors, you lean in the window and tap the switch and the car fires right up, hot or cold. It drives down the road with the manners of a new Buick lesabre but then again that is hours and hours of dyno time and tuning. I say in all 40+ dyno pulls and 80+ hours of tuning to get to that point ( granted we were testing different blowers in there too so I'm sure that time would have been greatly reduced not to mention we weren't in a hurry)
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