Progress Thread My 89 Gt, Caught Fire....

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  1. Well isnt this turning out to be a great start to a holiday weekend.

    New fuel pressure gauge came in. Got it mounted at the rail and all seemed fine. Ran the key through a few cycles to prime the fuel system. Gauge read a bit low, so I disconnected the vacuum line and loosened up the adjustment nut on the fpr. Fired her up. All good. Ran in the house for a second to grab a glass of water. Came out, bay was engulfed in flames. Shut it down quick, but too late.

    Wifey had a throw rug lying nearby, so I grabbed that and threw it (no pun intended) on top of the bay till I could grab the water hose from out back.

    Appears to be mostly cosmetic damage, but I called Grundy to report it. Theres a bunch of wires and other stuff all melted, as well as soot and black chit all over. E fan is melted, all the plug wires and cap.

    It appears as though the fuel pressure gauge blew its seal between the plastic lens and the housing. Not sure how it got ignited, but you never know with fuel.

    This f u c k i n sucks. Anyone recomend a shop in the central PA area or within a few hours that has experience with this type of repair? @84Ttop, @Noobz347

    Might as well get the insurance company to get it fixed up, I just don't want to p iss with it at this point.

    Did I mention this sucks bad, was literally done and ready to roll down the road finally. WTF

    So much for effin shiny

    /end rant, beer time

    Few pics







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  2. Oh man, that makes me sad.
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    What did it do to the hood and paint?

    Looking at the pics, it looks like all re really lost is rubber and plastic.

    Definitely sucks. Sorry about that man. I hope I'm right about the damage though.
  4. Only minor injuries while extinguishing it

  5. ... and some skin. o_O
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  6. Hood was up so apperas ok other than sooted up


  7. Effin rotated pics

  8. Ummmm.... this one is good. So whatever it looked like when you uploaded it, is how you should do it. lol
  9. I need some tacos :dammit:
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  10. with that age of car, they will total out the car if you get full cover, and they properly gonna ask u bunch of question, how the car get fire, and I remember Grundy do not cover mod car, cant hide that big ass turbo, if you say the car some how caught on fire while it running, its hard to tell them the car caught fire itself without explaint the mod done to the car.

    I would say suck it up, look like it repaireable , mostly wired ...sad to see this, but good luck.

  11. He's new. :D
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  12. [email protected] man soooo Sorry that just stinks!!!
    This is really the main reason I mounted mine outside the car.
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  13. Its insured as a classic car through Grundy. Had an agreed upon value of 12k, so should be ok.
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  14. oh man....not good. Look like the damage is not that bad though. New wiring harness in the bay should tighten her up.
  15. looks like fuel was sparked by ignition looking at the way it burned
  16. Are those FMS wires? That's where the ignition source came from.
  17. that sucks man, i kinda feel your pain. a few years ago i had just finished rebuilding the stock 302 in mine, as well as putting in a new (junkyard) power seat rack, and only a week or so later, that "new" seat track shorted out and burned the harness all the way from under the seat, all the way up to the starter solenoid. also just happened to be in my moms garage too (was house/dog sitting for them), on a thursday night (only found out cause it wouldnt start the next morning, plus some ash on the roof/hood), and had to call them at 5 in the morning to let them know i was taking my stepdads truck to work.

    mine was off the road for a year after that due to funds, hopefully yours will be up faster than that.
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  18. Hmmm... They're Taylor wires. Probably not from there then.
  19. Dam n so sorry, good thing you went straight back out....

    does look like fuel ran into valley

    you cut the belt off? pullies all look untouched!

    should be pretty straight forward hang on / wiring swaps.... let someone else do it... dont think i could bear it...