Progress Thread My 89 Gt, Caught Fire....

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  1. That sucks. I lost 2 Mustangs to fire. Put some benzadine on that skin burn. It's a bottle of brown :poo: they sell at the pharmacy. It's $20/bottle, but I'm sure the ER will charge you $100 for a dab of the same stuff.

  2. So sorry to here about this! If you need anything at all let me know, I'll help anyway I can!

    As far as a shop that does that kind of work I'm not even sure where to send you.
  3. Thanks Nick.

    I just spoke with Bobby McNew from McNews in Dillsburg. He's confident he can get me fixed back up. Said he's done fixed a few of these after they caught fire. Even has a staff polishing guru, he and I may become best friends LOL.

    Will likely get it up on their dyno when its back together.
  4. Also, not sure if it was due to the fire or the cause of it, but had to turn the key to the on position to put up the windows. I pushed it outside and its on a slight hill so couldnt get it back into the garage. Anyhow, the front fuel crossover is leaking like a sieve. So much for those sn95 rails. :fuss:
  5. that SUCKSSS. who makes the gauge? you may think about contacting them about this. would be a bad deal if more of them do this and some other poor guy catches his car on fire when driving down the road.
  6. I feel for ya. If it ain't one thing, it's something else's.
  7. Gonna call them tomorrow. Was a brand new gauge
  8. Sorry to hear about your fire man. That really sucks. Hope the soot washes off easily
  9. Mad, sorry to hear about this man. The bright side is that you were not driving it at the time and thankfully no one was serioulsy hurt.

    I would disconnect the battery until you get all the wiring looked at as a precaution.
  10. Dammit Man! Hate to see that!

  11. Done, thanks for the tip
  12. Its looking more like the fault of the fuel line. The most burnt ip area is at the distributor, where the line is broke
  13. Damn it man!
  14. I was wondering about the replaced lines :chin

    Yo @madspeed i got those fresh set of msd street fighter plugs still in the box from my
    Definitely a worthy cause, they have straight boots though. I will donate to the Mad-fund if you think they will clear your set up, PM me your address if you think you can use them bud.
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  15. Sorry to hear about that man. If the engine had time to get up to temp, that was probably enough to ignite the fuel if a drop got on the headers. Gasoline ignites at around 500 degrees. I had a fuel rail lift off an injector many years ago. Flames started coming out of my cowl. Good luck getting it all fixed up. Looks likes mainly minor parts that you'll need to replace.
  16. Fire does some ugly sh it whether it's on your arm, or in that engine bay.
    Fortunately for both both, looks like they'll live.
    I burned a 70 mach 1 to the ground as a result of a stuck float, and a backfire trying to do a restart, so I feel for you.
  17. I forgot to mention I have an OEM distributor (no TFI) if you want it. I was going to put it on Craigslist, but it's yours if you want it.
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  18. @madspeed ,, hey post a list of what you need. If I have some of it laying around, it's yours.
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  19. Thanks everyone for the awesome offers!! I really appreciate it.

    I'm still waiting for the insurance adjuster. If they are going to cover everything, I will be taking the car to McNews in Dillsburg PA. I have spoken to Bobby McNew personally, and very congident he can handle it. They are experienced with this type of ordeal and have lots of Mustang experience. As you can imagine, theres alot of custom stuff that Ive done to it, and that's one of my concerns as far as rebuilding. If for some reason the insurance leaves me short, I will be sure to reach out to the community.

    Again, thanks. I hope no one else gets caught like this! Literally one week from All Fords at Carlisle, and had a few other shows she was going to be at.