Progress Thread My 89 Gt, Caught Fire....

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  1. Let me know how the claim goes with Grundy. They are number one on my list for insurance now, so I'm curious how they treat a claim like yours.
  2. god dam this frigan turns my stomach!!!! sorry bro i hope u get her back perfect thats a sweet fox good luck man!
  3. haaaaaate to see that!!....hope its covered!....i have some extra parts also laying around...
  4. @madspeed
    1) Sorry to hear about this but at least your car is repairable and nobody really got hurt and no house burned down. Lots of blessing there to be counted.

    2) Rules of Doritos Locos Taco Club
    #1- You do NOT talk about DLT Club
    #2- You do NOT talk about DLT Club
    #3- You do NOT leave a Fiery Doritos Loco Taco on your engine, it will catch fire!
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    3) :fuss::fuss::fuss::fuss::drink::drink::drink::drink::drink::drink::drink::cry::cry::cry:

    Best wishes with your baby Bro, hope you get her back to beautiful again. I'm having at least a few wheesky and cokes for you homie! :flag:
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  5. Fire is such a devastating thing, I'm glad you are okay. Also glad it didn't get further out of control and burn your house down. My father-n-law lost his entire interior to a fire when the muffler shop didn't pull up his carpet before welding in his antiroll bar. This was on the morning he was leaving for fun ford. My wife and her brother pulled an all day'er and replaced everything inside. He rolled into Bristol after midnight, less than 24 hrs later. You will get it back together, glad to see you are okay though.

  6. :lol:
    I've recently stepped up to Fire sauce:oops:
  7. Me too

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  8. Great reason to pull the motor and respray that bay...

    Looking for the silver lining.
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  9. *send madspeed a new air freshener*
  10. ...and electric fan, plug wires, vaccum lines, all plastic things, harness probably, [email protected] that intake was do nice too.
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  11. So Sorry bro. if you were closer id offer to come help pull the motor out and fix the wiring and get it ready for paint.
  12. Just got back on after working a lot and working on my own build. First I've seen your thread. Sorry for your misfortune. If you need any stuff that I may have laying around, post a list. Really stinks when you were so close.
  13. I have two engine harnesses one from a 89 Gt and one from a 88. Also have two front chassis harnesses for headlights and such. Was going to sell them but you can have whichever one you need just for shipping. Just let me know.
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  14. Thanks, I'll let you know. Meeting with the adjuster on Tuesday
  15. Met with the adjuster today. Due to how much custom parts are on the car, he would like me to compile a list of the items that I feel need to be replaced. They will pay towing and 4 hours labor to a shop to have this inspection done, but that will total almost a grand and would be applied towards the total payout. Keep in mind its currently insured at a total value of 12k. Not sure at what dollar value they would consider it a total loss. The big decision is the wiring harness that runs along the firewall is pretty well shot. So...

    1. Does anyone happen to know where a fresh replacement main wiring harness? The one that runs along the back of the firewall? Does anyone even make this replacement?
    2. Is it correct that 89 model year harness is different as its the only year with mass air and no airbag?
    3. Any input on the replacement injector harnesses available through Latemodel and others?
    4. That's it for now, I'm sure more questions will arise

    Back to skimming through receipts and taking notes....
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  16. Your type of insurance you have on your Mustang may be different than the norm for newer daily drivers. I think normal insurance considers total loss of a vehicle when damage reaches 70-80% of value of the car.
  17. Anyone have experience with the Ford Racing M-12071-A50 - Ford Racing Wiring Harness?
  18. thanks @jrichker. Maybe you can answer this... If I am replacing the harness completely from the computer to the injectors, will I need M12071-C302 and M12071-E302? I would assume there to just be a few unused connectors such as for the airbag wiring?
  19. try chris richards at pro-m racing... i hear they are making harnesses for their new ems that are model/yr specific, maybe he'd do one for you once he hears your 508-867-6733 :shrug: