My 89 Hatch Build

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  1. Ok well lets see where to start. First off I have already started the "build" by doing a few things that I have no pictures of. I plan on doing interior all black. 5 lug with disk brakes full engine build. End state of the car is a quick weekend driver. to where I can run the car down a 1/4 mile or on a road track and drive it there or to take the wife out on a Saturday night.
    I bought the car in September. I currently have the interior taken out minus the carpet painting the plastic pieces black because the interior was nasty!! so that's where this "build" will start. the interior.
    I took out the interior over the course of a weekend or two. no hurry for me. currently have about 80% of the parts painted or dyed flat black. waiting for some money to buy the interior part to replace broken or worn out parts. to include a new screw kit since mine in the care are so miss matched its mind blowing.
    this build will be very slow but hopefully filled with useful information for everyone and get some useful information from the users on the forum
  2. :welcome::worthlesb
    Lol. Good luck with your build!
  3. will try and get more photos of interior as soon as I geta free chance busy at work for next two weeks.
  4. I looks like you did a drive
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  5. Cold air intake, new radiator with duel electric fans, few pics of the interior taken out and the seats the pic makes them look good but just imagine if they were covered in cat puke that's what they really look like and then my high tech paint booth a piece of cardboard on the ground
  6. Awesome! Let me know how you like the radiator. :D Definitely interested to see more build updates!

    We make more products for this car as well. If you have any questions, let me know!


  7. well yes the radiator isolators that I have do not hold the new radiator very tight. I was wondering if you or someone makes a tighter firmer fitting set.
  8. here's a question I have. my hatch latch does not stay closed it raddles really badly it does not have the small plastic bushing that is suppose to be on it. where can I get one for a reasonable price i am looking at late model and they are 30 bucks for the entire thing I just need the bushing part.
  9. oh yeah and will a door latch striker bushing work on the rear hatch? because those are much more reasonable at a ridicules 11 dollars
  10. Just ordered new carpet, seat belts, and other interior parts to start putting car back together
  11. id like to get all of the old sound deading out before I put new stuff in but its extremely hard to get off anyone have any tips
  12. Dry Ice, Use dry ice and a few towels to protect your hands etc and freeze the sound deadener it will chip off easily with a scraper afterwards.
  13. Lots of work, but keep it up. Once you have the interior refreshed, the car feels really nice to be in.
  14. thanks for the dry ice idea im going to find a place to buy some at and try it out. id rather take my time and do it right than hurry and leave old crap in there