My 89 LX Build Thread!

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  1. That's what I'm planning on doing. It's got a perfect body except for the rear bumper, full interior that's just not installed, good windows, and an 8.8. That's a pretty decent amount of money right there.
  2. Well, I ended up not getting the black Gt.

    I ended up getting this instead for about the same price!!! 89 Gt, 5.0, 5 speed, 140mph speedo, all original, 1 owner, 62,000 mile car. The car was wrecked in 2003 and has sat every since. A guy my buddy knows bought it, slapped a fuel pump in it, and she cranked right up! It's going to make a great parts car for the Lx. The Gt just needs too much work to make it right again. I'd rather just use it for all of the great parts that are on it. The car purrs like a kitten! It still has cats and the original mufflers on it. I'm going to pick it up either tomorrow or Sunday. I can't wait to tear into this thing!!!


    These quarter windows are almost perfect.

    Also, I messed around with my wheels. I can't decide what I want to stuff up underneath it. I'm thinking about the prostars now. What do you guys think looks best?

  3. i like the pro stars, they look like they fit the car better than the others.IMO
  4. I not a fan of drag rims. I prefer the splits 5-spokes. My second favorite SN95 wheel
  5. :nice:
  6. the split rims for sure
  7. I vote SN wheels to be different. Not like you wont swap them out on occasion anyway.
  8. +1 on the SN95 wheels!
  9. ditto....
  10. Wow I'm amazed this many people think the 97s look the best! I didn't even touch the Lx yesterday. I spent the whole day messing with the Gt. I'm really liking it. I think I might end up keeping it and getting it fixed. So, the Lx body may end up getting put on hold for a while...
  11. Lol, too many projects to know which to work on. Youre a crazy kid. Might as well just throw a carbed big block in the LX, and not have to worry about the wiring. :nice:
  12. 03 Cobra wheels! Was that even one of the options?

    I think you'd be better off stuffing the engine in the lx looked like the gt has some serious damage to the front, looks costly.
  13. SN wheels look best
  14. that gt would be easy to fix, but you already got 3 nice mustangs lol.
  15. +1
  16. I also vote for the split 5 spokes.

    Looking at the third picture that GT is a two time loser (cracked filler). Looks like an excellent parts car though and you can sell off everything you don't need then sell the rest to the scrap yard.
  17. Thanks guys! I'm pretty sure i'm going to put it on the Prostars first until I get my fenders rolled. Then, Ill put the 03s on.

    I messed with the GT all day today. I had some people look it over, and everyone thinks its best to part it out. So, I AM going to be building the LX, not just fixing the GT. The real dealbreaker is the cowl panel. It's pushed back really good. So, I cleaned up my garage so that I can fit the GT in there and have plenty of room to strip it. I got a decent start I think to have only spent 2 hours actually working on it.

    Heres what it looked like when I started.

    I got it to this point.


    I also got the gas tank out. I didn't have any fuel line disconnect tools, so I will have to get some tomorrow. The only PITA I have ran into was one of the lug nuts. It was rusted pretty badly. I was very lucky to have gotten it off. Also, the car was absolutely INFESTED with ants. I probably vacuumed up over 1,000 ants today.


    My parts pile. The red pieces are going in the LX. Personally, I really like it. Later on, I will probably put some black pieces in it. But for now it will do.

    The seats look like butt now, but I have big cleaning plans for them. They should come out about like new with enough time.


    Heres how the fenderwells look like now on the LX.


    I got a radiator and an alternator from a buddy today also.

    The calipers aren't very visable behind the Prostars :(


    Time for a price breakdown of everythin thus far!!! Remember, I was trying to stick to a budget of $2500 on this car.

    LX body- $200
    5 lug setup- $700
    GT parts car- $1150

    Total this far- $2050.

    Stuff I still need to buy-

    Ball joints- $40
    Water pump- $40
    Alt. bracket- $40 probably
    Struts- $85
    Cluster- $100

    Total- $305

    Main goal for the car is- To have working AC. I hate that my coupe doesn't have it, but for some reason I couldn't ever get the vents to blow.

    GRAND TOTAL- $2355. Not too shabby in my book. Of course, I'm sure I will have $100 or so in other odds and ends, but I will have a decent little High School beater when all is said and done. The best part of it all is I will be able to say that I have done EVERYTHING MYSELF.
  18. On your coupe, check the vacumn tree on the drivers side. there should be a plastic line running from there over to the passenger side along the firewall. I would post a pic if I had one.
  19. Oh, believe me, I tried everything. I even pulled the dash out twice to try to figure it out... but couldnt figure out anything. At least I have heat and working windows!