My 89 LX Build Thread!

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  1. I need a lower A arm for the drivers side if you want to make a few $$ back pm me
  2. I wish I could, but I still need them to roll the car on.

    Made some more progress...

    I got the motor ready to be pulled.


    I got the dash and every piece of wiring out of the GT...



    I started transferring wiring over to the LX. I got the car wired from the console back. I also got one of the doors wired up.



    I got one of the LX taillight lenses in. The other one I had laying around was cracked, so I got to glue it back together a little.


    Both steering columns are out. The tilt one will be going in.

  3. dude, i give you a thumbs up on cleaning and painting your calipers and other brake parts. i got a whole system for stupid cheap and thought i would clean and paint like you did and what a PITA!!! but im finally going to use the bullets on the fox!!
    how much longer till you drive the 89?
  4. Thanks! I can't take all of the credit for cleaning the brake parts, it was mainly just my OCD kicking in. I have to have things a certain way or it will drive me insane!

    I'm shooting for having the car running by June 25th, driving and complete by July 10th, AND hopefully sold by the end of August.
  5. A little bit more progress today...

    Got the entire car wired up today. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. I also put the good blower box in, along with a new Heater Core. I HATE pulling dashed in these things. I've done 4 of them now, but it's still not fun.




    I got the pedals swapped over too.


    Also, I finally got a tool box. Not too bad for $100.


    These are the only tools that I've used on this whole build, along with a Craftsman 60pc. set. I think I need to spend some cash on some more tools if I plan on building any more cars.


    I got the GT pushed outside. Hopefully I won't have to have this POS inside anymore except for when the motor comes out. I hate having my black car and coupe outside. :angry:


    And... The Coupe's back inside!!! I finally cleaned it up today too. I'm taking it to it's first Cruise-In tomorrow. I can't wait!!!


    The shop is looking less cluttered now. Thank god.

  6. Heres the latest progress...

    The dash is in, the crappy carpet is in, the console is halfway in, the wiring and HVAC stuff is done, the steering column is in, and the door handles are on. Tomorrow I will try to finish up the inside and get started on the engine bay. Then, all I will have to do is pull the motor and trans out of the donor car, clean it up and paint it and perform some maintainence to it, put my suspension and rear end under it, and the car will be done!!! I don't know why, but I feel like I'm on the home stretch of this build. All of the stuff I was dreading is now behind me. Now, it's just a matter of turning wrenches. No more wiring headaches to deal with!!!

    (I know the carpet looks like crap. I need to do a lot more cleaning on it.)

  7. Looks Good Keep the pics coming I am enjoying following this one!!! You gave me inspiration to tear down my driver and start the repaint.
  8. Thanks!

    Heres todays progress...

    Got the rear end in. I'm ordering some KYBs tomorrow at work, as well as pressing my balljoints in. Then all I have to do is put the front stuff on and the car will be a roller again!


    Got the door panels on


    Headliner is in


    And the console is in



    It's starting to look like a car again!!!

  9. Finally got around to messing with the car some more today. i'm really getting tired of messing with this thing and losing motivation every day. If anybody would be interested in buying it as a roller, let me know. I don't know if I will be motivated enough to finish it.

    I got the car on the ground (kinda) for the first time in a while. OMG I've never seen a fox sit this high before. Some cutting will be done on these ASAP.


    started working on the engine bay a little.


    The interior is getting there. Heres a before and after on the seats after one pass with some all-purpose cleaner. I plan on doing a few more to get them looking a lot better.




  10. You cant come this far and lose motivation! Goes to show you didnt need that fourth mustang build after all.. Keep it up and finish the project man. Then sell if off and take some time to enjoy your cars that you have already finished.
  11. I completely agree with this. :nice: Your close to the finish line now. don't give up.
  12. I don't know what happened today, but when I woke up I felt like all of my motivation had been restored. The goal is to have it done by next week. I have tomorrow off from work, so im going to get an early start on her tomorrow. The engine bay is primed and I plan on having it done by lunch time. Then I will finish the wiring and stuff like that. I plan to have the front clip back on it tomorrow, leaving the front suspension and the motor/trans left, and that's it. The interior will also be finished tomorrow. I'm planning on working for about 12 hours non-stop tomorrow. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it.
  13. good deal and best of luck, it sounds like you will stay hauling ass all day to get all your goals done.
  14. I am glad your working on it again!!! I am anxiously awaiting more post of your progress. As I said you gave me inspiration to tear down my driver for repaint and I am also doing it all myself. :nice:
  15. Thanks!!! Your car is looking really good btw. I'm looking forward to more progress on it as well. You're very lucky to have a daughter that cares about helping you on the car. Around here, young girls care nothing about working on cars or even washing their cars.
  16. Worked on it all day today. Dang i'm tired. Here's what all I got done.

    Put in the quarter windows out of the GT


    Got the back part of the interior in. Just need to clean up everything which I have been neglecting to do so far. The only part of the interior that I've cleaned is the seats and gave the carpet a quick cleaning and vacuum.





    Painted/cleared the engine bay. Just need to do the k-member now. I think i'll go with black for it.


  17. awsome progress!!! Home stretch is in sight!!! I like the cobras mounted up in the pic there looks sharp!:nice: You are doing excellent work!!! I sanded, sanded and sanded some more today! Seeing this engine compartment makes me want to pull my motor.
  18. I did the same thing you did when I painted the engine bay, I did not remove the booster and A/C stuff. It sure looks good. We filled some unneeded holes and moved many wires / hoses into the fender to get rid of the spaghetti look.

    I like the Pro Star rims on the car which makes it look like a tough track car. For everyday use those 03 Cobra rims look good, always like them on a street car.

  19. hey this is my first time replyin to ur thread but i have been following it for about 2 weeks and i must say you do some great work and im jealous of your shop:nice: i have a question tho about your much did it cost about and where did you by it from???:flag:
  20. How goes the progress?:shrug: