My 89 LX Build Thread!

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  1. meh... Pretty sure the car is sold. I just don't care about it anymore. I'm tired of working on it, and have moved on to better things (my 97 GT). I work 50 hours a week during the summer on cars, so when I'm off from work, I don't even want to think about cars. I sure hope it sells so I can have some extra garage space.
  2. its a shame you arent doing more, you do great work. followed all your threads, good attention to the details
  3. Nooooooo........
  4. Wow it's been a while since I have updated this thread. I got really fed up with working on this thing and tried my best to sell it. I quickly found out that nobody will buy a non-running car and even if it was running nobody would have any money to buy it. I finally said screw it and started working on it about a week ago. Here's some current pics of it...

    I put on all of the 5 lug front stuff. I also cut one coil out of the 4cyl springs all the way around.


    Here's what caused me to quit working on the car in the first place. New balljoint got crushed before I could get it on the car. So I had to strip the suspension out of the GT just for the control arm.



    And how it looks now. It's almost done! Now all I need to do is get the motor out of the GT and clean it up a little and drop it in place!


    The interior is also done. I gave it a good cleaning and dressing. It hasn't been cleaned since 2003! It looks pretty good for a red interior though...


    What it looked like before!


    Some cool stickers I just now noticed on the windows and the mirror. You can tell this car used to be a 4 cylinder! I think I might leave them on there.


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  5. good to see it coming together and looking forward to more pics!!!!
  6. Updates please lol:D
  7. Yeah man, how is it coming along? Have you had time for any engine work?
  8. Huge props bro!!! You do great work!! Your making me looking around for a project now. I have found quite a few. Alot of project cars around here for great prices. Thank you for showing us all your work. Motivates the heck out of me:nice:
  9. Any new progress to post? I just checked out your build on your notch and noticed you said you go an LX, so I decided to check it out also. Looks good, but I don't think I could own two red mustangs... I would need to have different colors at least :) Looks good though! Keep it up.
  10. Just now noticed this thread popped back up! The car is still exactly like it was in the last pics, except the brakes are getting pulled off of it today to be put on my coupe. Then this car will be getting downgraded to 94-98 brakes. Oh well, they still work pretty good. It's just sitting in the corner of the shop collecting dust. I would've had it all together, running and driving, and sold by now if I had an engine hoist. It would only take me a good weekend for me to get the car running. Oh well, i'm in no hurry to finish it or sell it. That's the good thing about having less than $2,000 in a project. It don't matter how long it sits. It sure would be nice to have the garage space though...
  11. Bye Bye hatchy... It's been fun.


    New owner came and picked her up today, along with the GT parts car. I also traded my 97 GT last weekend, so I went from having 4 Mustangs to only one in a week!!! It feels great to have garage space.

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  12. Man, I can't follow what car you have, when, and what stage it's in. And that means a lot coming from me... haha.
  13. Lol really?? I think it's mostly the weekly wheel swaps that confuse people. I've only had 6 different Mustangs in the past 2 years... Not too awful bad! I have went to the darkside. The new sickness... 1970 Chevelle. :D


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  14. Been there, done that. :D


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  15. Oh, you make me sick. J/K. When I was looking for my first car at 18 I wanted a 70 Chevelle, but ended up with a 72 Camaro instead. Looks like a nice car, good luck with it.