Progress Thread My 90 Lx Hatch - Cobra Irs_ Kenne Bell Twin Screw _ Meth Injection Under Way

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  1. That's the one I was thinking about, just didn't remember who made it. It looks super clean when its installed
  2. Got to love the brown truck! But I love them more when they actually show up with all my Sh*t instead of being 1 box short.
  3. woot, according to ups my delivery schedule is on time...cant wait to get out of work
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  4. I didn't know you were building a trike?
  5. Well I grew up in SoCal during the height of hydros and hundred spokes so I'm planning on hitting the switches and 3 wheeling it like Ice Cube everywhere. :spit:
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  6. What's getting delivered?
  7. headers, pro 5.0, fan, fan clutch, water pump etc...i will post pics in my progress thread
  8. Twins are napping, time to get some work done on the coupe before it hits 100 degrees today :cool:
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  9. Got my 4th wheel today, tires will be in early next week. I love progress however little it may be.
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  10. If your anything like me this will be 80 pages in no time.
  11. Thanks, I certainly hope it gets there (that will mean lots of progress). Today I had to make a custom extension cord for my welder that I put a dedicated circuit in for. Washed the engine bay with soap and water and made my card board cut outs for my panels. Hope to make my sheet metal cuts and start tacking them in tomorrow but doubtful since I need to work some OT.
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  12. I was hoping it was going to be a trike.... talk about disappointment!
  13. A 5.0 trike huh, sorry to disappoint you Nick but it wouldn't be original since someone else already did it
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  14. I've been welding with an old school fixed shade helmet for many years so with all the tack welding I'm about to do I decided to spoil myself and got a Lincoln auto darkening solar helmet with variable shade adjustment. This thing is awesome!! I got the driver and passenger panels trimmed up to fit and will start tacking them in during the next nap time for my twin daughters.

    Discount messed up the order on my Nitto tires (order never went through successfully) so I'll have to wait another5-7 business days to get my wheels mounted up.

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  15. I've had many mishaps with discount. And as a previous employee, I can't say I'm surprised. I do my best to not give them my business, and that's one of the rare instances you will hear me say anything bad about a company online.
  16. Wow really? Poor treatment of employees or are you talking about quality related issues? I've searched for American made welding hoods but all I can find is American assembled so I stuck with Lincoln. But if they're a sh*ty company then I'll steer clear of them in the future.
  17. I meant discount tire
  18. ohhhhhh, my bad. Unfortunately discount tire is one of the only places to get Nitto tires and at a decent price. I don't know why but some places in Washington and Oregon are forbidden to sell Nitto tires.
  19. So discount finally came through with my tires and got them mounted up on my new rims on Friday. I can only get the rears installed for now since up front I'm still grinding and welding. I know these wheels may be played out in the opinion of some however I don't judge saturation of the market based on what I see on the internet. Where I live, @GroverDill I'm sure can agree, there are not many foxs on the road and when you do see one it's a 4cyl beater. I have seen only a hand full of clean fox mustang 5.0's out here in the last 3 years. So anyway enough with my defensive nature.

    Staying 4 lug pretty much 4ever. I got 275/40/17 in the back and 255/40/17 up front. Fits great and love the look. My goal for the car is to make it match my F-150 SuperCrew which is Oxford white with black FX4 20's. Pretty much storm trooper style and I love that look so they'll be twins.

    Body work and paint will be one of the last things I do. I have all of the suspension done already and in the process of smoothing the engine bay. Once done I'll primer the bay and buy my paint for the whole car and paint my engine bay. Then I'll get the motor and trans installed and get the car running. After that convert rear from drums to disc. Hopefully up and driving it next spring. :eek:
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