Progress Thread My 90 Lx Hatch - Cobra Irs_ Kenne Bell Twin Screw _ Meth Injection Under Way

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  1. Great progress! I like the wheels.. To hell with all of the haters!

    I could rant on for an hour about wheels, lol. The reason I took the black RTS Welds off my car what because everyone was buying them. I literally had the first set in my area 2 years ago. We sell at least a set a week at this point lol.

    I still like your car dollys too! I will be building a set of them for myself
  2. I took pictures when I built them and could do a write up if enough interest is out there. These are strong enough I could put my F-150 on them but probably wouldn't roll very well. As you can see there's lots of room to work under the car.
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  3. A little advice needed as well. I had a pain in the as s time installing the front springs even with spring compressors. Dang spring kept popping out. When I finally got it to stay in I noticed the bottom of the coil wasn't lined up correctly in the slot but I said eff it and continued on thinking later i'd just somehow turn the spring with it in already.

    Anyone have any bright ideas on how to turn it with it installed? Car is jacked up with wheels off and suspension hanging freely with everything hooked up like you see in my previous picture in post #40. I hope I don't have to disassemble that bi tch again.
  4. I think it looks great . to me if the wheels are played it neever really mattered . first it's preference and then think of this - how many foxes will be out at once where you live with those wheels I guarantee almost none . looks good dude
  5. Thanks bro, my thoughts too.
  6. In-law family have been in town to visit :shutup:fortunately they leave tomorrow :banana:
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  7. A little bit of progress going on but kinda hard to do too much with power going out the last couple weeks. We keep getting these 50-70mph gusting winds that blow over trees and some fall on power lines. Retard power companies that build power lines right next to trees! Anyway, just got my power back on this morning after going out yesterday to finally purchase a Honda generator for $1600!! Hmmm, what could I have bought for the Mustang? :thinking:

    IMAG2643.jpg IMAG2624.jpg
    It's okay nobody really cared about the truck the tree fell on, it was a Dodge.
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  9. What gauge did you with on the inner fenders? Looking to tackle this next as well. Are going to work in the bump or just straight and flat?
  10. I got 22ga sheet metal. If I had to do it again I would've gotten 18ga to prevent blowing through it so easy. It would be easier to weld and I don't care about a couple extra pounds up front. It'd help with blowing through if I got .025 wire instead of welding with .030.

    I'm going straight down, no bump. I like the look of each style just the same and going straight down is a lot less work unless you buy the Scott Rod prefabbed panels. This is a lot of work and it's not for the fair weathered person. I'm already asking myself WTF was I thinking!?
  11. Hmm the engine is out of mine so if I don't do it now I probably won't ever do it. But, you are making me think k I don't want to do it at all.

    On the springs, pretty much impossible to turn it now that it is compressed in the pocket. I used to use spring compressors but it was just easier to use a jack and compress it that way. This is what worked for me and I am not telling you to do it this way. Be careful either way Sounds like you might have to pull it out if you want it in there correctly.
  12. It's just the driver side spring that's a quarter turn passed the pocket on the bottom seat. I now have the maximum motorsports spring retainer tool so re-installing the spring shouldn't be such a bear this time.

    As far as engine bay smoothing goes it's a lot of work and if you don't have a lot of time to commit to it then it makes it harder. It's a lot of work and it's worth it to me to take the time and do it since my engine and trans was already out. I love the look of a wire tucked and smoothed engine bay. Hopefully I'll be shooting primer and paint in about 4-6 weeks. I have most of the holes welded shut and ground down and next is welding in my panels.
  13. So it's been a little slow with working on the Coupe. I've worked overtime now for nearly 12 weekends straight. The money is nice however other things suffer around the house and with the 2 long power outages we went through and damaging wind I'm finally getting caught up a little and have had some time (very little) to get a little work done.

    She doesn't know it yet but my Wife isn't getting her parking spot back in the garage till next year! lol

    My welds are getting better but still not pretty which is fine, it's all getting ground down anyway. So long as I have good penetration I'll be okay.
    IMAG2666.jpg IMAG2667.jpg
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  14. is that a wr off to the side?

    that steering rack, :)
  15. it's a YZ.

    Me likey the rack too. Do you prefer the solid mounts that you gave me with the rack or Prothane PU type?
  16. I had the MM K member so I had to use the solid ones I think. I would have liked the other ones if I had a choice.
  17. One thing I sucked at and finally gave up on was welding. Takes a long time and lots of practice to get them right. Car is coming along very nicely.
  18. Thanks @mikestang63 , welding definitely is an art as well as a science. I enjoy and always look forward to doing it and I'm having "fun" welding in my panels and improving my skills.

    See post #54 for reference, do you know what the black rectangular'ish hole in the firewall is that's just to the left of the heater hoses? It's right below the firewall seam. Mine has a black foam thing in it to close it up. Most people close them up when they smooth the engine bay. I think it's where AC lines would go through but I don't have AC.
  19. Yep. that is where your evap cannister and lines would go. Might as well make a plate and cover it up if you don't have A/C