1. My car as it currently sits. For now!

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  2. nice car

    wrong section

    I had 3 Doritos Tacos Locos for lunch. @MikeH686
  3. what s it realy matter what section its in.
  4. Nice! A vert still sitting on Turbines says unmolested, well kept and original.

  5. There's a sticky here you should read the difference between tech and talk tech is asking how to rebuild such and such motor and does anybody know how to set the backlash on an 8.8 rear talk is hey look at my 90vert. It is only to help you get the recognition your car deserves the tech side is a little more for "tech"nical questions

    @mikestang63 I'm pretty jealous I had a wawa sub :( it was a tad bit soggy
  6. I was out in LA last week. Did the ole in and out a few times. And the burger too.

  7. I'm lost pahahah
  8. turbines?....that definitely says a lot right there.....clean nice car...
  9. Thread moved to talk...
  10. nice vert looks clean
  11. nice car man. @mikestang63 wheres my tacos ? no share?
  12. dammit Jeff I forgot. now I gots to make a taco list.. lol

    Noobz needs to add a taco smiley

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  13. Thanks everyone. Bought the car a few years ago from my aunt and uncle. They owned the car for 20 years, so im at most the 3rd owner if not the second. The car is untouched and has never seen a michigan winter. I have 10th aniversery cobras for it and im in the process of finding/ordering the parts to convert to cobra brakes.
  14. I like tacos too.... Just saying

    @TOOLOW91 @MikeH686
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  15. Nice 'vert! You still have cheese grater tail lights i bet.... ;)