My 93 Reef Gt Is Totaled. R.i.p.

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  1. I got out with only a bruised knuckle. Cruising 60 mph, an 85 year old man in a pick up truck attempted to cross from a 2 way stop ahead of me. I had no time to react. I hit head on behind his drivers side door. Boom, airbag, car spun around into gaurdrail. Took the car out to vacuum the interior on a nice sunny Friday afternoon. Drive safe!

    crash.JPG car4.JPG photo12.JPG
  2. That Fuggin BLOWS!!! Glad you are ok Are you going to buy back from the dealer and part it out?
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  3. man this sucks to see just another case were I say anyone over the age of 60 need to be tested every 5 years this person should not have been driving.
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  4. Man that makes me sick. Sorry to see this. Glad your ok
  5. Glad you're ok and that totally sucks. Hopefully you can salvage some parts for the next one
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  6. the car was looked at by my insurance adjuster. It is totaled. I decided to just let it go. I don't have the time or desire to strip it down and sell parts. They are sending me a check and i'll wash my hands of it.
    The whole car is bent. The impact was all in front, yet the roof and rear quarters buckled, too. The impact force went straight through it.
  7. But wait,I want the supercharger!
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  8. i'm sure someone will get a nice deal on the engine/blower combo, assuming it's ok.
  9. So sorry , that's terrible to see that happen like that :notnice:
  10. Sorry to see this. Was a clean car. Hopefully you had good coverage on it
  11. As a fellow reef owner, my heart breaks for you.
  12. First, thank God you walked away from that.
    Second, sorry about the car.
    Third, prepare yourself. Unless you have classic insurance on the car, the insurance company is going to try and offer you a ridiculous low amount for the car. You may want to consider telling them you want to buy back the car, as I am sure the price of the mods is worth much more than what the offer is going to be. You could then sell off the parts and probably make some $$$. I know today you are still in shock and probably don't want to see the car all wrecked but it's something to think about.
  13. I had classic coverage on the car at an agreed value. This happened about 3 weeks ago. As of yesterday, I received a check from my insurance company for the full agreed amount.
    I was given the option to keep the car. If I were to go that route, the adjuster would determine a salvage value for the car. In turn, I would get a check for the original agreed value less the salvage value. I just had no interest in parting it out. Plus, the last thing I want to see sitting in my garage are those mangled remains.
    I used Philadelphia Insurance Co. and I could not be happier with their handling of this claim. If any of you guys are considering classic insurance, I definitely recommend them.
  14. I did, and that definitely took some of the sting out
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  16. oh and props to my hood pins for keeping the hood from flying into me, or even possibly another nearby vehicle.
    cue hood pin debate now...
  17. Sorry to see this, looked like a really nice car. Future car plans?
  18. Glad you're okay! Those guys standing around the car must have been chebby guys because I see not a single tear on their face.
  19. What a shame. I'm glad everyone was okay though. Do you plan on getting into another fox or was wiping your hands clean referring to all foxes?
  20. Ugh... Really sorry to hear that, man.