My 93 Reef Gt Is Totaled. R.i.p.

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  1. I hate seeing this.. My car caught on fire and was totaled... I bought it back for 149$.. You might wanna look into buying it back and just selling the whole thing for 1,000 bucks or something instead of parting it out. Mine was in really good shape except for the front under the hood where the fire was. I made about 2500$ parting out what was left of it.
  2. That really sucks man, looked like a real clean one. Glad you had the coverage you needed, for this same reason I picked up classic insurance from Grundy. You never know who's gonna ruin your day.
  3. I meant I'm washing my hands of that car. I wouldn't mind another fox body. My roots are in gm muscle cars and I miss having one
  4. I hate this thread!
  5. It does suck
  6. Wow that really sucks, glad you are ok though!
  7. i would be sick, damn what a nice car. Hope you can get another one!
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  8. I just died inside so sorry ... this is why quqyrybe.jpg my old hatch
  9. better buy back and part out
  10. trying to pm you it won't let me on tapa talk unless you disabled it , shoot me a pm have some questions about your blower setup
  11. :( Man... that makes me sick. Glad you are ok; really sorry about the car. How was the other driver? How did that car hold up? That doesn't look like a "small" accident. But its nice to see you with a positive attitude about it....
    Best Wishes -
  12. Hey email me at [email protected]
  13. It was definitely not a fender bender. A whole lot could have gone wrong. The other driver and I were both lucky to walk away. I would guess that his truck was totaled
  14. +1. Glad you're ok.
  15. Your car saved your life! Glad you are ok!
  16. yes, the car really did perform exceptionally well. My wife and I have both been involved in head on collisions within the past 5 years and we've suffered barely a scratch.
  17. Man glad to hear you weren't seriously injured and it pains me to see a beautiful car totaled.
  18. stop bumping this thread. this thread makes grover sad!
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