My 99 GT has a Tremec.

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  1. Did Tremec make the 99 GT trans? just like they make the 05+ trans? Or is it aftermarket that someone put in along the way.
  2. They made the 99 trans. Tremec T-45
  3. Tremec makes a few trans for Mustangs. They make the T-5, T-45, T3550, TKO, T-3650 and T-56.

    Tremec bought Borg Warner in 1997/1998 so ever since then all BW designs have been transfered to tremec and their name is on it. BW designed the t-5, t-45, T56 before selling it all to Tremec.

    Your '99 has a Tremec T-45, V6 Mustangs come with a Tremec t-5. 2001+ GT's come with a Tremec T-3650
  4. Thanks for that info, is the T45 the weak one?
  5. 330 ft-lbs.

    Not weak, but the t-3650 they later replaced it with in '01 is rated at 360 ft-lbs
  6. If you wanted a stronger tranny I have a t-3650 for sale.