My attempt at the $50 Rustoleum Roll on Paint Job

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  1. First off, you cannot do this for $50, it's more like $120. It's still cheap to buy the supplies and takes alot of time to get it right. We are using Rustoleum Royal Blue Gloss enamal thinned with mineral spirits, applied with 4" foam rollers.

    I bought this 1987 LX Convertible with 120k in April with plans of a quick restore and resell. My friend Tim decided he wanted to join the 5.0 ranks so he bought it before anything could happen. Both he and I ran accross the following links and were inspired to take a shot...or a roll I guess:) He has intentions of getting it professionally painted in the near future but wanted it to look decent for the time being. We know this is not a perfect solution nor are we trying to win anything. Trying to save money and use what we time.

    moparts: paint job on a budget!?

    Rickwrench, Alfa GTV, Falcon Squire, Corvair

    Here is where we started.

    Sanded down with 600, no primer applied. LOL
    Coat # 1

    Coat # 2 over that

    Wet sanded with 600 grit and coat # 3 applied, fish eye was a problem. Wiped down with Wax and tar remover before paint was applied...used Mineral spirits and wiped dry later on and it worked much better.

    Coat # 4 over that, pretty well covered. Lots of orange peel to deal with.

    Wet sanded with 800 grit, there is still some orange peel and low areas from fish eyed coat # 3, getting close to smooth but coverage is getting thin.

    Will update as the next few days progress.
  2. Looks good man, already looks 100 times better than before.
  3. I've been curious about this method ever since I first heard about it however long ago. I think the concept absolutely rocks. <$200 bucks in a paint job that will have even observant car guys doing a double take. No, it will never look like a House Of Kolor spray job that makes the car look like the body panels are made of some synthetic transparent liquid, but you'll never worry about parking the thing at Wal-Mart because you don't have $7K wrapped up in the paint.

    Keep us updated on this, I'm VERY interested.
  4. Looks good.

    The rustoleum paint has no UV protectant in it so it will begin to fade or get hazy pretty quick.
  5. The dude with that Corvair claims that after 3 years, there is no noticeable change in the paint. :shrug:
  6. True, did you see the Corvair though? This is a weekend driver that will someday be done 100% by a bodyman, this is to get him by in the mean time. Worse case; we sand it down and re buff or put a few more coats on.:shrug:
  7. I know, I was just sayin that it will eventually fade (won't cost much to repaint it though, lol).

    I did it to a jeep one time and loved it.

    Your lucky to start out with a pretty straight car too.
  8. Yes, thats the reason I bought the car. Pretty clean underside for a north east car and the panels were in pretty good shape.
  9. Coat # 5 applied this afternoon. I used a thin mix of 50/50, and rolled it on as light as possible, this is the key I believe. I had to make many passess with the roller but it was much easier than dealing with runs all over, and it layed down flat. The best coat yet!


    As you can see on the hood the coat was so light it didn't even cover all the sanding marks...but its flat and will make easy work for the next coat.

  10. That turned out pretty good. I'm going to strip all the black rustoleum off of my Capri and get it professionally painted one of these days.
  11. Thanks sweetie, he would love to take it down and have it done but not wanting to spend the money we figured this would do. I am actually looking forward to someone commenting on how good the car looks and then having their jaw drop when we tell them it was rolled on. hahaha
  12. Awesome Project!!!!
  13. DO NOT use mineral spirits. its oil based and will worsen the situation. use something alcohol based that will evaporate quickly.

    edit: for a roll on job that is friggen AWESOME
  14. I like it!!Keep up the good work.:nice:
  15. LOL, I wish mine had come out that good. Didn't do any sanding. It was just rolled on and that's it. :(
  16. OMG, that car was Twilight blue! :drool:
  17. Coat # 6 drying now, #5 was light and thin and dried fast.
  18. that is unreal, nice work!
  19. Damn, that looks better than my paint does now. What is the exact process?