My attempt at the $50 Rustoleum Roll on Paint Job

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  1. My take on this is, it may not look like a show car but i bet it looks better than 99% of the cars out there with factory '80s paint. If i hadn't worked out a deal on getting mine painted right, i would've gone this route.
  2. Thats awesome lookin good... this is inspiring haha... im new to this thread btw so... HI!
  3. This may be a stupid question but did you remove the old paint or just paint over?
  4. That's friggen' awsome for a roll on job! Did you do everything just today?

    a billion times better than just about every rattle can job I've seen.

    Did you do the door jams too?
  5. has come a long way since we put coat 1 on, cant wait to see it done! wish i was a little closer so i could see it through the entire process!
  6. The process is documented pretty well in the 2 links posted in my original post. It's very simple but labor intesive. This is a temporary paint job, had we stripped the car completely of its trim/handles/locks/ect. it would be that much better.

    That's it dude, it's not going to win "the Ridler" but will look presentable for a driver/ weekend toy.

    Hello, join in anywhere you want to. Many of us have been on here for years and welcome new members and their questions.

    As you can see some panels were in primer, what was left of the painted sections we sanded down with 600 grit and rolled over it. It covered quite well as Rustoleum is able to go over bare metal.

    We started last Friday, the thicker base coats we let dry for 12+ hours so on ambitous days we could get 2 coats...the sanding every other coat is where the majority of time has been spent.
    We have been debating to do the jams, I have the feeling once the exterior is finished he will want to drive it and the jams and other areas will be forgoten. could always sell your house out there and move back this way:D
    BTW- you should change your avatar, your car looks ten times better than the day we brought it home!
  7. Ya know if the guy with the Charger isn't BS'ing about his car looking that good (meaning, if that's really just roll on paint) then depending on the car and depending on the car show, i bet you could win. It just depends on how well you do the work. It's like he said, prep work is 99% of the ending result.
  8. O man that car looks awesome! what is it a honda accord? i bet that owner is a pretty smart guy. looks to me like he did take it to a paint shop. whats the difference he leaves it at flavadaves shop and the work gets done for him...
  9. Yeah, you are lucky I am a Foxbody Nut and want to see this done and done well....even if you are not here to help me. I work well alone, plus your car is plugging up a whole bay in my shop, now that you're not buying any more cars this year I gotta start selling to others:D
  10. did you at least scuff the original paint?

    EDIT, nevermind, read page 2 :)

    are you going to use some type a clear, most PPG clear is cheap and can be sprayed on with a cheap gun and would make the car look alot better
  11. we did scuff original paint and we have thought about clear coat just not sure how it will react with paint...
  12. On the jeep, I painted the wheels with rustoleam black, then cleared over with sherwin williams clear, turned out perfect. (The clear was $60 a gallon including hardener).
  13. Good to know, foam roller? :rlaugh:
  14. Na, had to spray the clear.
  15. Started wet sanding coat # 6. Very happy with the way it's turning out, there is little to no orange peel. As you can see below we have a flat finish that is going to buff up very nice. I am debating if i should apply 2 more coats or just buff from here...

  16. Yes, you nailed it. The key is the prep and finish. I own a small car lot and do alot of detailing/wetsanding/buffing on my own cars as well as customers cars. I have been detailing for a long time but frequently check out that Meguiars site to hone my skills. I think this is going to turn out very nice after seeing how flat the paint is laying.
  17. Is this a kit? Or just a quart of paint thinned and applied with a roller?
  18. Rolling, wet sanding and buffing...hey, it looks a heck of a lot better and I can't wait to see the finished product.
  19. Great thread, im wondering what it would look like cleared. Maybe you can get a pint and clear something small and see how it comes out?