My attempt at the $50 Rustoleum Roll on Paint Job

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  1. Looking GOOD!! Very impressive!!

    How did you deal with dust, and keeping it off the wet paint until it dries??
  2. Clean shop, wet floor, thin coats dry fast:D

    Sanding between coats gets anything off the paint that made it way stuck on.
  3. Coat # 6 Wet sanded with 800/1000/2000. This is a test patch which came out well as far as reflection, but upon further inspection I noticed deep in the shine you could see where I sanded through the top coat and into the next...slight change in shade. So, I am going to put a final coat on and try to stay on that layer during the sanding and polishing. Thanks for looking, this is coming out great!
  4. For a final coat, I might suggest mixing a little clear with the colour. You'll get the added coverage you're looking for and the deep gloss finish you want. You might even consider a layer of clear after that. A little 2000 wet sand and some buffing afterwards will put a mirror finish on it. :nice:
  5. you really think I can mix clear with the Rustoleum and apply with a roller without issue?
  6. It would be a semi clear coat but it could work. I'd try to apply it in a small area or even on a piece of metal. You can just go to harbor frate and pick up a spray gun for 15 bucks and get some clear. I think u have the compressor thing handled. Deffinetly worth giving it a shot!
  7. I've mixed clear with acrylic enamel before with great results. I was of course spraying it though. Top it off with one final clear only coat and see where you stand. It certainly couldn't hurt to try. Besides, you'll have more success buffing a clear coat finish, than you will an acrylic paint finish. I'd let it harden a good week or so, with a couple of cold water washes in between before I brought a buffing wheel anywhere near the paint though.
  8. The car looks great, I think I may try this with my 1990 project. How do you think it will hold up on the bumper covers? Will it be flexible enough?
  9. WOW!! Just say this thread and that all i have to say. For a rollon paint job i have to say this looks crazy good! Dang Nice Job.
  10. Backed out of the garage yesterday to let it get some fresh air and sunlight. This is coat # 7, I am going to let it harden a bit and hit it with some 1500, 2000 then polish.
    I had some Headlights with Niteshade onthem so we threw those on instead of the faded stockers.
    Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics

    Still need to paint and install all the trim work and handles...might be done this afternoon!
  11. Damn, that looks good! :eek: I'm jealous.
  12. nice work guys, looks decent for the price but your time is free
  13. We need high res pics when it is done! That is looking great! It's almost a grabber blue.
  14. Tim, drive it to work after its done and we can do a photo shoot some evening. everyone will get to see some high res pics of how well it came out.
  15. Going to wait to wet sand till it's had more time to harden. Buffed today with my Porter Cable 7424, Meguiars Ultimate Compound and a Lake Country Orange pad.

    Painted the trim with Duplicolor


  16. Definitely needs more sanding but looks awesome so far.
  17. high res pics

    Definately will Derric, can't wait to drive it to work lol nice job Dave. I like the clear coat idea but not the $60 a gallon part. i would only need a pint or so i would hope since we would cut it with spray it on.
  18. turned out damn nice :nice:
  19. Thanks for sharing! This project (and thread) is great! I just got back from 2 auto body shops on estimates to repaint my bumper and they were both over $400. Auto body shops are outright expensive!!! Thanks again for sharing. Good stuff!
  20. after wet sanding did you just wash the car and put on the next coat? you wet sand every coat?