Roush My baby is gone! :(

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  1. Well, it is the end of an era. MY 88 Saleen #544 was stolen from my apartment complex on Saturday morning. The thieves must have done alot of watching as they came in right after I went to work, they came with a battery as it did not have one, and they brought brass balls with them to take it at about 9am from a packed parking lot. Unfortunately I did not get back from work til 7pm that evening and at that point, I'm sure the car is long gone.

    This car had serious sentimental attachment to me, my father bought the car new and I inherited it back in 2005 when he passed away. I learned how to drive a stick on this car (and being on a rebuilt tranny, it shows), I even learned how to do a burnout/brake stance in this car. This was my baby and I'd been saving a little bit of money, til the market crashed, to have her repainted and replace some tired parts. It was a rare combination too with the Red on Red hatchback, a sunroof, 3.55's, and the stick. According to Saleen in 2005 it was one of only 12 Saleens with the red gut and the only one with the sunroof. Obviously with the new red interiors, I'm sure that number has changed.

    Either way, I just needed to share my pain somewhere. Hopefully one day in the future I'll be able to get another one, someday.
  2. That is really a horrible thing to read about.

    I am sorry to hear of your loss, especially since it was a special member of the family.

    Having been a victim myself, I can appreciate from where you are coming.

    I hope a miracle brings it back in one piece.
  3. I'm sorry for your loss and this is terrible news. Some people are just scum of the earth. What state do you live in? So we can watch craigslist and other local sites for people trying to part it out so we can catch these A$$HOLES. With your permission I'll post this on other sites to get the word out.
  4. That sucks!

    In what part of the country/world are you located?
  5. Hey all, thanks for your condolences. I am located in Rhode Island and yes, I have been scouring craigslist in all of New England's pages for the car or parts. I've even posted a few "88 mustang replacement parts" ads, to see if I get any bites.

    Saleen8905, if you are willing to post it on other forums, I would certainly appreciate that very much!

    Drew, I personally think the car was taken to be parted out as I can't imagine they would expect to be able to sell the car, with it being such a rare car. I will remain hopeful though.

    Thanks again! Here's hoping for a miracle!
  6. i no and feel ur pain. my typhoon was stolen early last yr and i hope u have the outcome i did bc i got it back a wk later. i printed out pics and typed letters and posted them everywhere including junk yards etc.
  7. I read about this at today. All I can say The thieves must have been casing your car if they knew to bring a battery.

    I wonder why they would steal such a rare vehicle. Hopefully it will turn back up.
  8. This is terrible!!!

    I hope you see it again soon!

  9. That sucks, If it was my 1988 #583 that was taken, I would be ready to strangle someone.
    We will spread the word.

    What Police Department in Rhoade Island (and there phone #) took the report? incase someone wants to report something, anonymosly or otherwise.
    Im in LE in Mass, I will keep my ear to the ground.
  10. Hey Mike,

    I got your message and I am trying to get some more information from the guy on Ebay, although mine didn't have a rip in it, that could have always happened through the process of getting the car. I figure he would have had more parts for sale if that is the guy, but time will tell.

    Here is some more information:

    Location: Cranston, RI
    VIN: 1FABP41E6JF264382
    Miles: Approx 67k
    PD: Cranston Police Department: Det. John Ryan - 401-942-2211 x.5066
    It did not have the ID number on the front bumper anymore
    The spoiler had a crack right along the edge of it
    The Pass side exhaust tip had melted into the edge of the cutout in rear valance
    The Driver headlight was severly rusted and nonfunctional
    Small scuff on pass side of front bumper, right by the start of stripping below headlight
    It did not have the center caps on the wheels
    The pass seat was not aligned properly and had somewhat of a lean to it.
    Black marks in the lower rear glass where an amplifier I once had rubbed against the glass.
    The rear hatch did not stay open, the struts were shot.
    It had Koni Yellow series installed, not the original Monroe system
    It also had a brighter red pinstriping

    That is about all of the particulars I could think of that would distinguish it from the rest.
  11. Exellent Info
    I will send that along also.
    Criminals dont tend to be the brightest among us.
    Unfortunatly the Police dont have the resources to investigate every stolen car.
    Hopefully we can turn up some leads the cops can follow
  12. Sorry to hear that...

    I live on the west coast and had my car stolen in much the same way. It was during the day in a secure (yeah right) complex.

    I had an 89, shadow metalic blue with a sunroof as well. It was my first Saleen and I loved that car. They never found it.

    I hope you have better luck than I.
  13. Well, Someone on the forums actually had pictures of my car on his computer. I had posted them a long time back on some forum, and he saved them. I almost shed a tear because of seeing those pictures, they were from back right after my dad passed. I actually didn't have any pictures of it either because the computer I had them on was destroyed when my apartment flooded last month (it hasn't been a good month for me). I will download those pics and then figure out how to post them here.

    Also, the car may have been towed away too, rather than driven off, I just dont know but there are two banks on the street my complex is on (The car would had to have passed them on the way out) and I'm sure they have cameras that face the parking lot/street. If it was driven, it was wicked low on air in the tires and there is a gas station right outside my apartment's street. I'm sure they have cameras there too, but do either of them record. I don't even know if they will give me any information, but the cops won't call me back so I can find out if they have checked this information. So, thats my work for tomorrow.
  14. Allow me:


    Man, with that interior it should be easy to spot the stuff it they start parting it out.
  15. Hey man im sorry to hear that your car got stolen ill keep my eye out and ill post some adds on craigs list to let other people know about it.
    I dont wanna say it but it your on the bad end of your own gone in 60 seconds just because your car looks so nice.
    best of luck finding it man.
  16. Thanks Wythors for the pics day I'll figure that out :)

    I appreciate the help Howie!
  17. Any updates? Are the police involved in the search? I hope you can recover it before it is parted out too bad. I honestly can't see how the thieves can feel they can sell parts off the car without them getting caught.
  18. The police are involved only to the point that they took a report from me. Other than that, I haven't been able to get them to call me back yet, 8 days now. Although I someone who has been helping out with the search got a tip that there was a red, fox body Saleen sighted on a street not too far from me. I send someone down there immediately to see, but not luck and I just got back to town and went to check it out. Nothing either. I'll keep crossing my fingers and hoping I find it.
  19. Hey. Sorry to hear about your car getting stolen. I hate hearing stuff like this. Anyways, Ill keep my eyes peeled while Im out. Im from warwick btw. Good luck in getting your car back