My baby is put away for the winter

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by IndianScout, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Maybe a car cover would of been a wise investment since it's sitting outside - you can get one cheap for $20 at wal-mart-o - then the snow isn't sitting on it - just saying - I used to do the same thing - but rent a garage -
  2. I have one, but I put it off for one day and we got hit, it's been brushed off and is covered now..

    thanks for the tip :)
  3. Well ....that will happen - when I was younger - my car always 'sat' outside - either when I was at home or eventually when I got into an apartment - I would wait and when the temp out was barely over 32....and the roads would dry up - I'd run to the spray wash booths - pump a bunch of quarters in and hand wash it - underside etc etc .....froze my arse off - hands would be shaking ......then it would snow the nxt day o_O...... ......but back then I was mostly concerned only about how clean my car was and chicks .....wait not that much has changed .....oh wait again... I forgot I got married ...ratso_O