My back rims are like pizza.

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    Well, I've been dreaming of owning these rims since I first saw them. Finally, they are on. I'm really happy with them, all I need to do now is get rid of the 4x4 look! :)

  2. HAWT! Looks good, you got me wanting pizza now
  3. Damn, it really does look like a 4x4 now... look at those monsters!
  4. First, that joke was really bad, but I laughed anyway. :D

    Secondly, the car looks great. I especially like the rear shot. Reminds me of mine a bit...sorta...


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  5. The sole reason I posted that joke because it was world-class bad.

    Anyway, thanks for the positive nods dudes. Joe, There really isn't a cooler pic than a rear view with some massive tires out back.
  6. If you lower your car you won't be able to park like that anymore. :rlaugh:

    I like them though... Black Bullitts on Red own me. :owned:
  7. Tell me about it, when I took that picture from the front, those were my thoughts exactly!
  8. is that 315/35's on the back cause they look fat. Nice wheels !
  9. Looks these wheels are getting popular. Good reason though. I think they go sweet with the red.
  10. Hey, theres another 4x4 rio red GTS on these forums :D Car looks nice! :nice:
  11. Looks good man :nice:
    would look better if it was lowered 1.5" :nice: :nice:
  12. Damn that looks nice. Im partial to bullits on a red car for some reason..

    BTW did you just paint your tail lights black? They looks good. I've been wanting to do that but Im lazy.
  13. Thanks!! Yep, 315/35's in the rear, 255/40's up front.
  14. Yeah I spray painted them with Rust-o-leum Satin black. The hard part was taping off the lenses which took about 2 hours.
  15. I have some of that Green painters tape so I will have to give it a try. Thanks,
  16. Wow those projector light slook good with a grill delete.
  17. You mean my "horse delete"? :nice:
  18. What do you think of those headlights anyway? I was considering them but I want to get the smoked cobra ones instead.
  19. Questions: Are those 8 or 9" wide in the front? Also, can you guys point me to a website where we can get these deep dish bullitts?

    I'm going with a friend of mine tomorrow to get a bullitt and I've talked him into getting some 10.5s for out back.
  20. I got mine from here. 9's in front 10.5's in back...Click the partshopper tab up there /\