My Big Block Fox Finished Product...56k Warning

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ExplodingGopher, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Na...Ill take the 806 :drool: :D
  2. :drool: :worship: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :cheers: lets go to thompson gopher!ill give ya gas money
  3. Wow, that looks wicked. The 460 really fills the engine bay doesn't it. Looking nice. :nice: x10

    Bigblocks have ungodly power potential, and plus they are strong as hell. The only thing that sways people from them is that cost and traction/weight issue. Because they are not as common, the parts cost is way more, because of thier weight, the front weight bias is usually bad, so you really got to get weight to transfer or your just in a blue haze of tire smoke. There's a 460 based foxbody that goes to the track I go to, sprays 300 shot and it's stroked, stock block, I don't know much else except it runs low 6's in the 1/8th.
  4. Its gettin pretty cold over here in eastlake (NE Ohio) i don't know how many more days i'll be able to drive this thing. I couldn't drive it this weekend b/c of the rain. Maybe this upcoming weekend I can come out and play. I finally took it on the freeway, averaged about 3200-3300 rpms and ~65mph.
  5. Traction:
    I had very little traction issues with mine, I ran 28 x 10.5 MT's slicks, southside bars upper and lower, air bag in right rear, pinion snubber(the best weapon EVER and very few use an adjustible one), and of course subframe connectors, 8 point cage, 90/10 and 50/50 lakewoods.....stock (1979) 4 cylinder springs in front and 1990 model GT springs in rear

    My best 60 ft was like 1.28 or something, I'll have to dig out a timeslip!
    And of course if I didnt do a good burnout, or if I used the 150hp nitrous it would have a few traction issues. BUT only if I tried to leave the line with the Nitrous flowing! :D

    weight issue:

    I used aluminum everything in the front. Alum. waterpump, heads, radiator (actually radiator was to big for 1/8 mile drag racing, to much weight per pounds of water), alum. bracket for my fiberglass hood (lift off) then of course I took off my power steering, used a manual rack (stock on 81 model), removed my brake booster (manual brakes per 80 model junk car), alum. Vic jr intake, removed front sway bar, skinnys on front 3 1/2" wide, 4 cylinder brakes on front, removed all my heater/ac stuff, all my undercoating, spare tire, hood latch, hood latch cable, front bumper support, front bumper shocks, rear bumper shocks, rear bumper support was home made, removed hood hinges, removed inner fenders, removed EVERY thing that wasn't "Just Having to be there"! The car when I finally switched it back over to EFI and back to a 5.0..........weighted over 200 and something pounds light at bowling green when I went to race in NMRA in 2000! and that was after going back with power steering rack etc... The car was really really light compared to what you would think for a Big block car.

    just take weight of 460 engine and subtract weight of 302 efi and then you have the weight you would have to remove to make them the same.......basically what I did. :D
  6. And as everyone can see, im using all stock 5.0 suspension and it sits just fine, stopping is only VERY SLIGHTLY different, cornering isn't bad at all either. I can't wait to get my draglites and 275/50/15s on the back this Xmas.
  7. i had 4.56's as my rear gear, and wished a million times I would have put in around a 3.50 gear! I had the big ole heavy 9" from currie enterprises.......later I switched back to an 8.8 (when I went back 5.0) and saved a ton of weight!!!

    oh yea, if you run a rear sway bar you will definetly get better traction........just a tip I wanted to pass on. Trust me without one your will spin that thing all the way thru all 3 gears!

  8. I will try to go to Thompson sometime before it closes this year, but i can't promise anything since i still have street tires my 60ft is gonna suck :) I wanna race my buddy in his 87 olds 442 with a built 461, FYI i will win.
  9. Wasn't having a BBFox so much fun hahahahahahahhaa :D :flag:

    That much N/A power is just :crazy:
  10. hell yea!

    I wished I had it back a million times..........the only thing I dont miss is the fact that when I had a trans or starter problem I had to pull the whole dam engine and transmission to get access to anything.

    If I would have planned it a little better I think it would have been funnier!
    (like used a C-6 instead of saving the weight using a C-4)! With all the dynamic stuff the biggest problem I had was my transmission builder. I prolly would let Harold build it next time instead of this fly by night moron I used here locally! I had to pull the engine and trans 3 time at least because of him. Once he stripped off a valve body screw and when the pressure was put on the trans the dam thing would jump out of 1st and into what seemed to be neutral. Of course it was the pressure pushing the valvebody away from the bottem of the trans.........only other issue with trans was pan leak, but that was partly my fault (cheap homebuild deep pan).

    (I Will build another 460 car one day! this time it will be like six million dollar man...........stronger, faster! lol)
  11. Exactly, i just set the bottom end up for future mods, and the trans can pretty much handle anything. I wanted go-fast N/A and reliability. Exactly what i got. I can get to my starter pretty easily and pretty much anything on the motor except two areas the top part of the tranny ( i could just lift up the front of the motor if i needed to) and the back head bolts ( i guess i just take off the brake booster) All in all, the whole thing came out better than planned. Im running the biggest cam you can have before you have to go get machined for double springs on stock casting heads. still makes power all the way to 6500 rpms.
  12. oh there is no doubt in my have your's set up engine wise the best, heads, intake, trans is all set up perfect. When I build another one I want it to be a milder engine. I think my heads, intake, carb, headers, were all to big, my cam was perfect, and of course the trans was to small IMHO........yours is gonna be a fun fun ride bro! I just drool looking at it!:drool::drool::drool:
  13. Come on up to Ohio, we'll go cruisin. lol
  14. I hear that........when ohio is snowed in, bring it down south some of our tracks stay open most of the winter.........NO show down here, not often if any! Last snow that stuck down here was couple years ago. And it all melted in 6-10 hours!......never did stick on roads or anything! :nice:
  15. I like the sfc's.
  16. Does it get good gas mileage???? :D :D :D

    Just kidding nice car man looks amazing.
  17. Yeah, those SFC's look pretty burly. I didn't realize the CE's were so massive.

    I wanna build a BB Fairlaine some day... I can't imagine all that torque in a fox though. Must be quick. :D
  18. I need some draglites really bad lol. Those competition engineering subframes are pretty nice, much beefier than the FMS weld ons. The car felt much more solid and didn't even flinch when i stomped on the gas right after putting them on. You get what you pay for.
  19. Next project is an 88GT with T-tops, 5 speed, gonna be a 331 with a nice turbo.