My Big Block Fox Finished Product...56k Warning

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ExplodingGopher, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. ^... my project hopefully getting underway in the next 6 months will be dart based 347...all the goodies..o yeah and a little hellion kit lol with the t76! Probably going into a notch but maybe a gt... :cheers:
  2. Why doesnt anyone run the Torker intake, I am and it fits under the stock hood with an 82 hood scoop. No goofie huge cowls for me.
  3. I am running the torker II intake, the motor would fit under my old 2.5" cowl if the dizzy was the short stock ford one and i had a small air cleaner, I went nuts with my MSD system and the dizzy is really tall so a minimum of a 4" cowl would work but summit didn't have one in stock, so i opted for the 6", its not that bad geez guys. And don't forget, im not running a K-member spacer, i tried to keep it as much stock as i could just to see what i could get away with.
  4. Got to watch out for giggle gas with HyperU pistons they don't like it too much. Especially over 150 shot BTDT
  5. on this build, the motor will see very very little if any N2O, i don't really need it, the car is too damn fast already. The forged pistons for it were waaaaay too expensive and they didn't have the correct dish cc's in forged for the compression i was shooting for, or the correct compression distance (long story). I still had to use cometic .060 thick head gaskets to clear with the cam lift and comp. distance of the hypers.
  6. OOps, my plates expired yesterday and im hoping stupid ass ohio will let me get collector's plates, we'll see. Sound clips this week or weekend coming.
  7. Oh man I am dying to hear that set-up!

    I'm putting spintechs on and am hoping to start my 460 project soon.

    BTW...does anybody make shorty headers for the 460 in a fox swap?

    I've already got a complete Dr gas exhaust set-up with an x-pipe that's built for shorty headers.
  8. I've only heard of using the LT headers for the swap, but im sure shortys may be used if made correctly, it was a huge PITA getting those LT swap headers in.
  9. cars sick dude!
  10. Why?

    With the 357 we were spraying a 150hp shot on hyperutectic pistons and going to 6800rpm's while doing it... :banana: :banana:
  11. Since he is not posting vids. I'll post some of Big Block Fords
    Here is my bosses Big Block Ford. We where trying to get to the track tonight but this hurricane coming and all the rain we got today it got rained out. In the beginning when he is starting it. The ignition isn't on. He is building up oil pressure. It has a dry sump oil system.

    Here is a my dad 77 Mustang with a 503ci.

    My 68 Falcon with a FE Ford 396ci
  12. Can you reuse your old alternator that you had on the 302?
    Will it fit the new 460 alt. bracket?

    How about P/S?

    Does the Serpentine belt have the same routing?
  13. Reused all that, the serp setup is different because a 460 has standard rotation water pump unlike the 302
  14. Did you modify the P/S and alt brackets yourself?

    I know there's a guy on that 385 series network site that's selling modified brackets but his prices are a bit outrageous to say the least. you have aol aim explodinggopher?
    I'd like to talk to you about the 460 project if you don't mind.
  15. no aim here, if you have questions on the swap just ask on here, thats what i made this thread for, to show everyone that the swap is possible with most of the 5.0 parts/stock patrs.

    yes i modded the alt bracket, and made a backing plate to bolt the stock p/s bracket to.
  16. You said you bolted the stock shifter right to the c4.
    You mean the AOD stock shifter right?

    Also what kind of traction issues are you having?
    Can you mash it at idle or will they just spin?

    I'm asking because I'll be just as heavy with dove-c cast iron heads.
  17. Yes the stock AOD shifter pretty much bolts right up to my C6 tranny. You simply cannot just mash the throttle and not spin, if i give it 1/4 throttle from a dead stop, i can feel the rear end start to spin a little. This is mostly also due to me having a 3000 rpm stall speed, with something lower it will help off the line, sometimes you will want a bigger cam and smaller stall with a big block to help soften your launches. You are going to have around 500+ ft.-lbs of torque to deal with in a light car, it takes some getting used to. If you want to grip and go, you will need some fat drag radials, like 275/50/15 which is what im going to get to help with traction, you could probably still spin em with that though.
  18. Holy cow that's crazy! 1/4 throttle and you already spin.
    Is there anytime at all when you can give it full throttle?

    It looks like you have pretty skinny tires though too.
    Nitto 555r tires should help.
  19. can give it full throttle when going 45-50 mph without spinning most of the time, i really can't hear if the tires are spinning anymore because they are like slicks and pretty dried out, plus the exhaust. Its pretty fun though, the mufflers don't sound too bad when going down the road, they kinda quiet down.
  20. VERY NICE.. how does it drive??? traction.. the thing missing???