My Big Block Fox Finished Product...56k Warning

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ExplodingGopher, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. what kinda tires are you gonna put on?
  2. 275/50/15 on some rodlites or draglites. can't afford to be tubbed. maybe in a few years, i need new tires by next summer though, mine are like slicks now.
  3. It drives just like it did with the 302, just imagine it with 300 more rwhp and a buttload more torque all N/A powered and reliable up to 6500 rpms. Its pretty fun. I get tons of looks when i drive around without the hood on.
  4. surprised nobody nominated me for the top three stangs, lol j/k but it would be nice. Tried something different.
  5. I absolutely love your car. The only thing Im not stuck on is the ginormous hood. Personally I wouldve taken more time to find a shorter distributor or something and a low rise intake, but thats just me.

    Besides wasnt that thread for the nicest foxes? If it was for the baddest ass fox youd have my vote.
  6. LOL thx, The only dizzy that is short is the stocker, and that intake is a low rise single plane, its the shortest one you can get. If i had a K-member spacer (which i can't afford) it would've fit under the old 2.5" cowl. I would rather have a 4" bolt on hood, but i was stuck with this one. I got used to it.
  7. I see. Just curious much would that spacer have been?
    And how much did that hood cost?
  8. heres what the car looked like when it had the 302:

  9. The spacer is ~$500+ and the hood cost $260
  10. Nah i was talking about the pic your favorite three stangs thread.
  11. Oh. Godamn thats alot of money.
  12. Yeah it just wasn't worth the BS, the stock K-member worked just fine, although the motor does sit kinda high, oh well. If i had money growing outta my ass i would've done it, and made a 545ci motor, tremec 6 speed, and a twin turbo on it just because im crazy. Someday, someday :(

  13. What cam was in your car? specs? i want some kind of roller cam down the road when i rebuild, and stroke it.
  14. WOW man, my recent build of my car cost me $8000 in parts and that was all great deals from E-bay and Summit!
  15. Get ET Drags; they are the only thing that will come close to putting the power down. I'm going to do a 460TT when I get the cash :rolleyes:
  16. I just want to keep the suspension stock for now, but have the largest tires i can fit in the back, thinking welds either rodlite or draglite with 5.5" backspacing ?, 15x8, tires 275/50/15. Nothing too fancy and it would probably be better than my bald street tires on there now.

    I would like to build one of these someday, an 806 stroker, some Thor heads, just the shortblock is around ~$15,000 but just look at this damn thing lol:

    Wonder if anybody has put one in a fox?
  17. thats sick but I would take a TT 660 over it lol..not quite as expensive the 660 shortblock is only abour 10,500 :rolleyes:
  18. Can i get that with a 5 speed? :D Really though, does anyone make a bell housing to use a Tremec with a 460? I've got a friend with a '65/540ci in's damn near scarey. Big blocks are wonderful untill you try to corner hard. You say it turns ok, and i'm sure it's fine for the street, but i couldnt live with a car that i couldnt autocross with, and i KNOW you can't cut corners in autox with a 460 :D
  19. Yeah, strikly drag/pro-street/street weekend fun toy, no auto-x with this combo, you could daily drive it if you made it a very mild setup with EFI and a 6 speed. Yes lakewood makes a bellhousing to mate the 385 series motors to pretty much any tranny including the tremecs. I simpy didn't have the money to do it.

    As fo the car cruises, i usually hang out local considering i get bad gas mileage, i will try however, next summer to try and go a little further to other cruises, like the one at summit, to show people what they can do if they put their mind to it and their passion into the work.
  20. Uh-oh looks like i may have some videos AND THE PICS I TOOK THROUGH THE WHOLE SWAP PROCESS coming soon to this thread. It was a helluva ride.