My Big Block Fox Finished Product...56k Warning

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ExplodingGopher, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Post em up soon as you can!lol

    I'm getting depressed having the 460 short-block sitting in front of me while I'm waiting on parts for it.

    I need some motivation.
    BTW: did you have a reference book or something to help you when you picked all the parts?

    I know that network site is good but I mean something like a checklist for every little part.
  2. Schweeeeet...
  3. do you have any numbers?
  4. I made and typed up a huge list of parts to get from summit, and went through it about 50 times before buying. It helped a lot, and im right now making a movie of the whole swap with pics, should be done tonight, i'll post it in a new thread.
  5. Is there any way you could get me that list if you still have it?

  6. I sent it in with my pictures to get my collector's plates, it was the only copy i had, but i will see if i can find the file on my other computer. It totalled ~$4800 for summit parts, and i got the rest of the swap parts and frpp parts from my work (i work at a mustang shop) which totalled ~$1000, and then misc stuff from autozone.
  7. Thanks that would be great.

    I have a small block chevy book that has a parts list but I'm sure there are some differences.
  8. What about parts like t-stat and t-stat housing?
    I'm sure I'll need new ones since they're probably a lot bigger right?
  9. nice me i know what you mean when you talk about the feeling of accomplishment......mmmm wanna race..haha
  10. UPDATE:

    im in the process of making a side exhaust setup for this thing, the dumps are ok, but i kinda miss the flowmaster 1 chambers with side exhaust setup i used to have, im probably gonna keep the spintechs on there, maybe, and fabricate some 316L stainless pipes and box tips for the setup, ill keep you guys updated.
  11. That is the PERFECT car.... imo :D

    Did you find your parts list.... I am very interested in what you used.....
  12. my parts list is still with my pics and receipts in columbus ohio trying to get me collector's plates. Thanks for the compliment, it really is a blast to drive. Also, just got a new digital camera today that takes videos, no sound though :( . Side exhaust setup is coming along nicely. maybe some pics up soon.
  13. T-stat: got from autozone for a 1991 F350 180*

    housing: got from summit, chrome, was ~$15 with o-ring seal, good deal, need a 460 one as the 302 one is completely different.

    Gotta get a new dual fan setup from summit in the spring as my taurus junkyard elec fan that i used on the 5.0 is barely cooling this thing.
  14. have you tried the Lincoln mark fan?
  15. I've always heard of people talking about the lincoln mark fans but never looked into them much, what car are they on ? dual setup or single? im pushing 500 rwhp and really need something to keep that monster cool with the hood on.
  16. clean install,looks stock from the outside
  17. Yes but i dont have much room to work with between the radiator and the pulleys on the motor, look at the first page's pictures and let me know if you think it may clear. im kinda limited to a pancake style fan almost.
  18. awesome car. i miss my bigblock car. i had an 85 tbird that i put a 460 in. ran awesome. just got a 93 coupe and i think it going to get a 460 also.