My Big Block Fox Finished Product...56k Warning

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ExplodingGopher, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. after i measured i had 2 3/4" to work with, i needed a really thin fan, so i bought this yesterday from summit. Hope it will do the job:

  2. ^ looks nice

    Should do the job
  3. nice fans, im running the same.
  4. Does it fit ok on the radiator? i haven't put it on the rad. yet to see because its about 1.5' of snow outside.
  5. are you sure about that rwhp figure?

    using the general rule of: Gasoline, naturally aspirated cfm = 1.67 x HP

    that says an 850 cfm carb is good to around 510 hp at the crank.

    You having a C6 and saying 500 rwhp would mean you would have around 580 - 600 crank hp.

    So the standard formula says, you'd need a 1000 cfm carb to do it.


  6. :Teh-Win: i edited my sig to better reflect my judgement of how much power i am making.....
  7. i think the power at the wheels is a little optomistic. with that build i'd say the engine makes between 430-450 hp and mabey mid to high 300's at the wheels. i had the same basic build with a smaller cam, 230 duration .530 lift single pattern, weiand stealth,750 holley, and ported dove c's( same head as his) and my engine made about 425 crank hp 510 ft/lbs. went high 12's at 107 in a 4000lb tbird
  8. im just so pissed off today, sorry about that last post, i have a lot of chevy *******s at work that make fun of my car and dont believe me when i say i built my own engine (long story). I hate people like that, chevy this, chevy that, your ford is a pos no matter what.
  9. What headers are those?

    My friend has a 429 in a fox and his headers have far less ground clearance than yours.
  10. those are the hooker super comp swap headers, pn: hkr-6224 i think, PITA to get in there, but they are 2" primaries, 3.5" collectors, equal length. cost ~ $400 from summit. I would spend a little extra money and get jet hot coated if possible because most of the paint on these burn off within the first minute of starting for the first time lol.
  11. good video, but umm how can i say......You need video.
  12. i know i know, i got a digital camera now, it takes video but doesn't record sound damn it all. My buddy is coming back up from Arizona with his 87 grand prix with a 350, hes got a nice video camera. I guess i'll have some street vids coming in the spring.
  13. BTW having some trouble making the new aircleaner fit under the 6" cowl, who'da though i'd have trouble fiting things under that hood lol. K&N Flat base 5" cleaner to make use of the cowl, barely touches right in the front of the top part, im not too worried about it though.

    New spark plug wires, new flex-a-lite fans, weld draglites, and engine bay clean up are gonna happen in spring also.
  14. Yea,hold clearance is a problem,lol.

    With our new 5" cowl,biggest air cleaner we have got (i.e. tired) was a 9" K&N ("flat base" but they are actualy raised 9/16" or so) with a 2" element and a flow top.

    edit: we take the cleaner off when we go to the track,but if you got a large air cleaner and it doesnt restrict you,then keep it on at the track.You will make more power ( out of a a Car Craft mag a few years back)!
  15. You beat me to it Goph, I'm still fighting this passenger side exhaust manifolld. Cant afford headers right now, and I ditched going with the serp setup so I have a manual rack from Flam. Rivs. Im having such a hard time because I have the 5 speed so any headers I got would be wrong anyways. Hopefully I should get this exhaust doen tomorrow and she's done.
  16. Remeber when i brought this up like 2 years ago and said i was gonna do the swap. Everyone basically said to not do it except you and 88GTSTREETROD, thanks, its a really really fun car to drive now.
  17. Yeah i just had a 4" paper element on there before (the one in the pics) I thought a K&N might flow a little better, and i might as well use my 6 cowl, the air cleaner is on there now, but i had to cut alittle off the base where it goes ontop the carb and i rolled it to seal better, so i have another3/8" dropped and it still just BARELY touches the front of the top piece, u think it'll be fine?
  18. Guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    New edelbrock RPM heads and A FLOWTECH INDUCTION CUSTOM CAM coming in the near future. Hope this will give me some more oomph. I feel my FRPP A443 cam is kinda lazy once it gets to a certain rpm, hopefully Ed can help me out.
  19. I'll say it again...I love this car. Awesome machine.
  20. Your right, everyone was talking smack. I was able to get mine under the stock hood by using a Torker II intake. Its RPM range is basically the same as the RPM intake, but its lower than a stock intake. I wish I had followed through with the serp setup so I could keep the power steering. There is something wrong with my suspension and steering. It feels like crap and it never aligns right.