My Big Block Fox Finished Product...56k Warning

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ExplodingGopher, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. i have the torker II also, has a real nice power band. those exhaust manifolds must really really suck, do they fit at all? I had to beat the bottom of my firewall a little to get my longtubes to clear on both sides, it is very very very tight under there with the exhaust.
  2. No, it was a matter of finding the right manifold on the pass. side to clear everything. I think I found the right one but the studs stick out far and almost touch the firewall so there isnt enough room to get the flange on them and stuff. Im working on that today. Drivers side fit just fine, but the steering linkage rubs the dipstick and you can feel that in the car, annoying. So Im either going to shave down the manifold studs or beat on the firewall. People always say get headers but they are very expensive, a **** to put in, and they dont clear manual trannys from what I hear. And no Im not getting a tub. K because of the price and its too much work at this stage.
  3. Yeah i did a budget build and im outta money now, or at least until my credit limit is raised, then the new heads and custom cam will be in the car :) Those swap headers fit barely in there, they sometimes rub the steering shaft, both sides were a PITA, but i can't imagine what manifolds are like probably a nightmare.
  4. If you guys have the same intake (torker II) then why will the engine fit under the stock hood on Smock's stang but explodinggopher has to use a cowl?

    Smockdoiley: Did you also use any kmember spacers?
  5. it ALMOST fit under the 2.5" cowl that i used to have on there, ned another 1" of clearance, i just got the 6" cowl because summit only had one 4" in stock and it was cracked, i said F*** it and went for the 6", it was cheaper anyways. I suppose if you used the torker II, and a drop base aircleaner with a very small element, it could possibly fit, but it doesn't leave much room for breathing.
  6. No spacers, no tub. K, no dropped element, no special motor mounts that I know of.
  7. How the heck does it fit then?

    Does the hood have a scoop?
  8. Could be a differance in the cars them self.Theres no telling really,some fit some dont.

  9. possibly, i think it'd be even harder to cool it with a stock hood, there just nowhere for all that heat to go if it doesn't have a cowl to vent through at a stop, theres really no room below the motor, its just such a tight fit i would think it would be hard for it to "breathe", you know?
  10. Im running an 82 hood scoop, but it would fit with a stock hood if you use the right motor mounts. Cooling isnt an issue for me, but I do notice that it heats up quick.
  11. I really love the smooth look of the stock hood.

    But I'm thinking about going with a hood scoop.

    I don't really like cowls.


    The red stang on your site is the 460 right?

    Are the stats on it updated?
    I don't remember seeing anything about a 460.
  12. go to and check out this guy's big block fox, and the hood he used, a scoop on a small cowl, i like it, he also has some videos on his site.
  13. No, the info is updated. I did that when I had the blown stroker. Hood looks the same though.
  14. we'll see what the ET is when i get to the track in the summer. Im hoping for 12s, and atleast low 400s at the wheels.
  15. Pics updated on front page, New exhaust system going on as we speak, new custom offroad H pipe, flowmaster original 40 series, side exits. I will update with more pics and some sound clips as it develops.
  16. Come on man,when you gonna put some juice to it? :)

    Lol,yea it should run a 12's with out a problem.

    I would say shoot for 11's with slicks.


    P.S. I was serious,put a damn plate kit on it already...:D
  17. Maybe in the future.

    But...the flows are 2.5" in/out, i got a good deal at summit today, the rest of the system is LT headers to a 3" H-pipe and maybe into some reducers and flows. Do you think that the 2.5" is gonna kill HP and TQ significantly? Should i just cut off the 2.5" ends and weld on some 3" tubing since the case sizes are the same? I need some advice.
  18. I personaly would try and keep it with the 3".

    You would really be pushing a 2.5" to keep up with the motor.And it would certainly be restrictive with dif. H/C/I or nitrous.
  19. took the mufflers to work and expanded the 2.5" in/out to 3" ID, the 3" looks huge for the muffler case though lol.

    Past weekend i installed new plug wires, flex-a-lite model 210 dual elec. fans (awesome fans), replaced all valve seals, cleaned up wiring in engine bay.

    Next weekend is exhaust system, oil change and first season firing with the new flows on it.
  20. Will you have an updated pic w/ sound clip then?