My Big Block Fox Finished Product...56k Warning

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  1. some pics tomarrow, sound clip maybe next week.
  2. Ok heres some pics from over the weekend, replaced all valve seals (not fun), readjusted valvetrain, clean-up/wire looms, new plug wires, flipped valve covers around, installed new fans (THESE FANS F***IN ROCK, they move sooooo much more air than the old taurus fan did), painted misc things :) New exhaust, oil change, and start-up next weekend, will try to get sound clips of the new 3" system (offroad H pipe, flowmaster original 40s and dumps).

    Chewed up valve seal, most of them looked this way, they were old:


    Valvetrain readjusted:


    New flex-a-lite fans:


    Mostly cleaned up:


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  3. Lookin' good :nice:

    Now weres the nitrous? :D
  4. what kinda fans are those?

    nice wheels...

  5. The fans are flex-a-lite model 210 pullers (great fans btw). The wheels worked out great, thx again for providing them :)
  6. Very nice work :nice:
  7. I asked Daggar to move this old ass thread over here because it provides some good build up info/pics/changes and some challenges i went through. Any questions please post them, don't PM me b/c my box is almost always full.
  8. Hmm,can anyone think of a taller set-up than this?

    TrickFlow tunnel ram with Ron's Flying Toilet's and 7" velocity stack's with 5" air filter element?

    I'd imagine that set-up would be just shy of a yard in hiegth :rolleyes: so I dont see any reason to say Gohpers hood is to large :D

  9. lol flying toilets..... i would love to, but i need a new shortblock for the DD camaro b/c of a spun cam bearing before anymore BBF stuff.
  10. Ah man,that Chevy let you down :mad:

    Determine the cause of it yet? Oil related or mechanical failure?
  11. spun the second cam bearing, lack of oil, wore the block out, had 2 psi hot idle oil pressure.

    Bought a used new LT4 block, 355ci, went nuts on the internals, mostly brand new, speed pro pistons, recon rods with ARP hardware, stock crank was ok to reuse, LT4 hotcam kit, roller rockers, hot tanked the heads and ported/did lots of head work to them, ported intake, new clutch, custom Madz28 tune, full LT headers with 3" full exhaust. Very fast car now for a summer alternative daily driver from my WRX. That was a $1300 mistake stupid cam bearings, should've known better than to put in a new cam with bearings that have 89,000 miles on them :( Oh well, its a badass car now :) and i have about 50-60 psi hot idle oil pressure now lol.
  12. Very nice and congrats!!! Curious to know what suspension your running up front, your springs to be specific??

  13. looks good

    man i cant want till i get mine running. im building a 547 A 460 block with A 460 trick flow heads, billet crank, danny b belt drive, powerglide going to be running 2 500 fogger kits, and a 400 hp plate kit should be a fun ride on a 29.5 x10.5. im running upr 175 on the front and im going to have wheelie bars and motor plates weld in
  14. How Did you get it to set so level in the stok k-member..
  15. very nice and good jobs . . . if I had one of these . . . :nice:
  16. Luck of the draw i guess, I still haven't done anything to the suspension (mostly b/c im out of money lol) and it rides/sits like stock.
  17. for people looking for info.... bump

  18. thats the big block lowering kit he has i believe
  19. nice,very nicly done bro.

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  20. Bump, car is for sale, newer pics added on the first post, see first post for details about me selling the car if interested.